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Prologue - Come Gather 'Round People

Suddenly the calm of space and void was blown to bits by shreds of bright, saturated colors like purple, yellow, red and green, that followed one another in a violent, yet casual manner, in the grasp of the silence-smashing sound of explosion, which might have been only imaginary, who knows?

The hour was getting late, which hour was yet another mistery, but Jarred was feeling as if he hadn't slept in days and here he was in a SPEE Shuttle 357-89 or any other number. He was a rookie after all, why would he remember all of those stupid digits?

His partner saw the look on his face and realised that Jarred was suffering again from the "I don't give a damn about anything right now" syndrome.

"Go and get some rest in the back of the ship, mate! You've earned it"

"I hate this darned job! Doesn't help with all my depression, man! You know that! So why the-?"

"Ok..ok..just get some rest. You ask way too many questions when you're tired. And if you want something to think about just think about the Great Mission and what we are doing here."

"Now you sound jus' like one of those old midgets at the Facility"

"Sometimes I wonder how come your kind was accepted into this."

"I only wonder if this DE:6673 that we've been to is a DE that comes after some DE:6672? 'Cause last time we've been space tripping it was DE:6603..."

"Yes, well, there is a 6672, if that helps and a 6671 and so on... right.. which were visited by other teams."

"Frack, we should've sticked to hot air balloons! Mother fr-"

"Right, no more cursing, mate! For God's sake, you.."

"For your sake I'm gonna take a nap. 'Nighty night"

"Good night! Have yourself some rest now" - Coming Soon…
from twitter:

I've just written a Prologue for a new novel I'll be working on. I like writting prologues because it's easier for me to continue from them

@florinmuresan: and that way I don't lose my ideas. It's in english so read it here: [link] on [link]
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December 20, 2009
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