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Greetings Friends and Fiends!

I have a few anouncements I'd like to make about Patreon and Etsy! :woohoo:

First of all, I have uploaded the remaining works of art I did for the Monster Drawing Rally to my Etsy Page.

The Monster Drawing Rally was hosted by The Sun King Brewery in  Indianapolis, in collaboration with Newfields, the Indianapolis Museum of Art! 

They were all created with speed, to see how many could get done in an hour. (Although we could bring 5 works in - I created these the same way, so I technically made 11 works in 2 hours!) 5 sold at the event, and there are 6 left!

LINK TO THE DARKNESS DREAMING ETSY SHOP ~ www.etsy.com/shop/LydiaBurris

I have simplified my patreon to currently include a limited offering of Crazymail mystery letters and Crazypostcard rewards!
What is patreon?
Patreon is a way to support your favorite creators by pledging a monthly payment as either an exchange for an offered reward tier or as a donation. I currently offer physical rewards such as Crazymail and Postcards, but I also offer non-physical rewards in the form of sneak peeks, a first look at special offers when possible, as well as a first look at some new work and videos. I also offer a permament 10% discount code for my Etsy Shop, no matter how much you pledge. My charges happen on the first of the month and you are free to cancel anytime. If you are interested in becoming a patreon patron, click on the link below!

LINK TO THE LYDIA BURRIS PATREON PAGE ~ www.patreon.com/lydiaburris

(If you'd like to see this post with PICTURES, check it out on my bloggy blog ~ lydiaburris.blogspot.com/2019/… )

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Supporting the ART Studio!
I have refreshed and updated my patreon tiers! If you are interested in supporting the art studio and/or wish to receive crazymail, consider supporting me on Patreon - I offer monthly crazymail Art Postcards and Art Letters, and for as low as $1monthly pledge, you will get first peeks at my process, art videos, special projects and offers, and discounts at my online shop.
Rewards happen monthly, but there is no obligation to stay. Once someone pledges an amount, it will be processed on the first of the month. If I am having a busy month, I will put it on hold so I won't get behind! Pledge in December and get my 2019 New Years Crazymail rewards!

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Yes I realize that entry title doesn't really make the best of sense, but neither does my art, so neener neener neener! 

(I'm 38 and I teach college, yet I revert back into a 10 year old when I get on dA.) :bademoticon: 

SO. EVERYTIME I VEND people always ask me 'do you have an online shop?' ... I hem and haw and say... well, sorta. 
I have an etsy, but I rarely upload, and when I do... I forget to advertise, so my upload fees go to waste. :/
(I hate it when that happens!) 

BUT THIS TIME Its gonna be different I swear. See? I'm already here telling you fine folks about my fine wares. 

HERE ----> The ART IS HERE ---> lydiaburris.etsy.com (at least go take a gander yeah? Let me know what you think? Suggestions? Advice? Requests?)

So yeah. I've uploaded new and old works that I currently have available. I have prints, originals, tiny original trading cards, bottles, a brain candy book, etc. 
(Bottles? I've never uploaded my bottles to dA! I'll have to put one on.) 
AND I'll be uploading more as the holidays loom ever closer. *cue doomy music* 
I even spent hours resizing photos so each of my items can be fully seen in the preview screen. Artist life yo!

If you happen to be in Indianapolis on December 7th, my studio building is having a big holiday openhouse and my studio (A-250) will be open! 
Here's a link with more info: stutzartists.com/holidayexhibi…
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Hello All!! 

First of all, I almost wrote the subject of this journal as "The BRIAN is buzzing again" but that's just wrong. Brian is not buzzing, Brian is probably having coffee and pancakes. 
Whoever Brian is. But ENOUGH about Brian, and back to the BRAIN. 

The brain would also like coffee and pancakes. 

But ENOUGH about pancakes! I'd rather have waffles! 

Ok. I'm emerging from my shell more now (after about a year+ of BLEGH possible depression and artist identity crisis) and trying to get back on my biscuit and get shit HAPPENING.
I've been submitting to local shows again and trying not to complain about the burnout from SCHLEPPING my art around. Seriously I need a break from cons for a bit and I DO need to re-up my inventory, and maybe figure out a way to get rid of old things. Mainly I was feeling BLEGH because I'm wanting to MOOOOVE. :moola:  I'm in a LOOP and I want to escape, I Need NEW ADVENTURES and Wind in my hair and to GO GO GO.... but alas, money is a thing (sorta) and I consume too much to save any so... I'm trying to work on saving my moolah so I can be the mad artist and travel more. 
travel the world 

ALSO. I CANT BELIEVE I HAVE NOT UPLOADED ANYTHING IN 2018! (minus something from January that is still a 2017 piece) I'm a SUPER SLACKER. (Or maybe I just uploaded things elsewhere)
Or Maybe I just forgot dA existed again. 

Maybe I'm a ghost. 

Maybe I want to come back here for a bit. 

Maybe I'm fed up with other social medias. 

OK BACK TO WORK. I forgot I'm an adult and I have to do some paperwork, and figure out a way to support my ass. (Or I could just, you know, attach suspenders to my ass-cheeks.) 

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Hi guys! 
Do any of you do redbubble, zazzle, cafepress, etc? 
Which ones? Link? 
Do they do well? 
Arguments for and against? 

I'm looking for some passive income streams.
And, I'm looking to stop revving my engines. 
I have so so so many images. And I'm making MORE IMAGES. 
I need to get more mileage from my works when I'm not at shows. 

I'm also looking for new shows to attend, or new places to show my work. 
I WILL BE AT GENCON. I will also be at Horrorhound Cinci, and my studio will be open for our big April OPENHOUSE. 
I'm sure I'll be doing other shows too but those are my only official ones right now. 

Thanks for any suggestions!
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