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Erebus Within

The Darkness Within! 

MATERIAL: Every now and then, I get excited about collage. This was inspired after making my painting students do a project involving collage. I got jealous, so I embarked on my own collage experiment. 
The entire background is magazine collage, and then I painted a bit on it. 
I started it in 2017, took a breather (because damn, this is 12"x18" and all those collage bits were taking a while) and then I finished it again in 2018. 
I still have the original. I also have PRINTS AVAILABLE!  (as of 10-31-18) Inquire if interested. 

MEANING: First of all, lets learn a little bit about the name from Greek Mythology - I pulled this definition directly from : 
"Erebus was one of the primordial deities in Greek mythology, born out of the primeval void, Chaos. It was the personification of the deep darkness and shadows. Erebus was the brother of Gaea (earth), Tartarus (underworld), Eros (love), and Nyx (night)"

Second: If that definition doesn't give you a clue as to the meaning, read it again, and then read the first words I wrote. Woohoo! 
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