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zyphryus's Profile Picture
Lydia Burris
United States
The Madwoman

Focused on intense emotions, worlds beyond, ambiguity and automatic explorations.

Always aim to Create Daily!

Raise each other up.

~~ Reach further than you think you can go, and you will go further than you would have gone. ~~

Some real life data on Lydia:
Real life, what's that? I make art. I teach. I travel to vend my stuff. What else do you want to know? Feel free to ask.
(updated Jan 2017)

Current obsessions:
podcasts. finding that spark again (It seems to have gone missing briefly).
(updated Jan 2017)

Patreon: -- (get crazy mail and arty letters delivered right to your mailbox)
Yes I realize that entry title doesn't really make the best of sense, but neither does my art, so neener neener neener! 

(I'm 38 and I teach college, yet I revert back into a 10 year old when I get on dA.) Misha/Castiel Tongue ~ free to use! 

SO. EVERYTIME I VEND people always ask me 'do you have an online shop?' ... I hem and haw and say... well, sorta. 
I have an etsy, but I rarely upload, and when I do... I forget to advertise, so my upload fees go to waste. :/
(I hate it when that happens!) 

BUT THIS TIME Its gonna be different I swear. See? I'm already here telling you fine folks about my fine wares. 

HERE ----> The ART IS HERE ---> (at least go take a gander yeah? Let me know what you think? Suggestions? Advice? Requests?)

So yeah. I've uploaded new and old works that I currently have available. I have prints, originals, tiny original trading cards, bottles, a brain candy book, etc. 
(Bottles? I've never uploaded my bottles to dA! I'll have to put one on.) 
AND I'll be uploading more as the holidays loom ever closer. *cue doomy music* 
I even spent hours resizing photos so each of my items can be fully seen in the preview screen. Artist life yo!

If you happen to be in Indianapolis on December 7th, my studio building is having a big holiday openhouse and my studio (A-250) will be open! 
Here's a link with more info:…
  • Listening to: my brain sliding out of my ears
  • Eating: a free cookie someone gave me yesterday
  • Drinking: day old coffee


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moeffju Featured By Owner May 10, 2004  Hobbyist Photographer
Thankee for the fav on umop episdn world :)
judith Featured By Owner May 2, 2004   Digital Artist
hey, thank you for your lovely comment, fav and +watch :hug: and also for the compliment on my gallery :) ...
... hm yes, i've considered a million times to sell my art... i came to the conclusion to wait untill i have enough time and money to open up a account ;) *looks into empty moneybag*
lifeisalemon Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2004   Writer
Had a look through your gallery. Loved overwhelm and earthy dragon. Brilliant stuff.
Bacho Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2004
thanks for the fav! nice piece ya got cant wait to see more
deadmansfloat Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2004
thanx for watching me:devilish:
im an art student in the university of the philippines, been there for 4 beautiful years...currently doin works for a show on june, i work with pure emotions, accidents and automatism that are based from my fondness of surrealism,mainly dali and miro. i work with the unconscious and sublime. i dwell on individualism and personality, thats why i love painting faces. and a big part of my aesthetics is bringing out something beautiful from things that are ugly. its good to get a intellectual comment from time to time, some people here just comment to get attention...too sad. ope to hear more from you...:devilish:
zyphryus Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2004
Yes, thank you for responding! I am also interested in individualism and personality. Faces and bodies have always been a large interest. When I have the time, I plan on undertaking a project of doing odd portraits - bringing out odd traits and personality, their soul, and perhaps a bit of fantasy. Dali and Miro are great artists. Dali was terrified of grasshoppers. ;) (I love art history tid-bits.)
My favorite artists (at least currently) Are Gustave Moreau and Richard Dadd. Of course, I have a whole giant LIST of artists I like, but hey there's only so much room in the reply.
It is a lot harder to be motivated outside of school, which is why I am going to get my masters soon. Hopefully after that, I will have enough personal drive to work on larger pieces more completely.
I have a link somewhere to my website that has my other work, just for fun, but incase it isnt on deviant somewhere, Ill just put it here for reference, since I have chosen to put only new things on deviant. [link]
there is a link to a 'gallery' there too - which has the most up to date stuff.

I look foreward to seeing more of your art!
deadmansfloat Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2004
same here.:devilish:
moeffju Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2004  Hobbyist Photographer
Fire! Hell yeah! Um... you were saying? :)

Welcome back to life. For great art influx.
danielzklein Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2004  Hobbyist Writer
This is the Lydia who's to blame for almost all of my prose previews. Weeeee for her! Now upload some stuff here!
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