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My Bio
The Madwoman

Focused on intense emotions, worlds beyond, ambiguity and automatic explorations.

Always aim to Create Daily!

Raise each other up.

~~ Reach further than you think you can go, and you will go further than you would have gone. ~~

Some real life data on Lydia:
Real life, what's that? I make art. I teach. I travel to vend my stuff. What else do you want to know? Feel free to ask.
(updated Jan 2017)

Current obsessions:
podcasts. finding that spark again (It seems to have gone missing briefly).
(updated Jan 2017)

Website: lydiaburris.com
Etsy: lydiaburris.etsy.com
Patreon: www.patreon.com/lydiaburris -- (get crazy mail and arty letters delivered right to your mailbox)

Favourite Visual Artist
Gustave Moreau, Alan Lee, Böklin, Nick Bantock, Dave McKean ... way too many to list, this would be a whole book!!
Favourite Movies
Legend, Labyrinth, Jan Svankmajer stuff, The Beastmaster, Nightbreed, Big Trouble in Little China, Brotherhood of the Wolf, Light Years, The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb (stop motion), too many!
Favourite TV Shows
Game of Thrones, Crime Scene shows, Vikings, Sons of Anarchy, Black Sails, Davinci's Demons, Hemlock Grove
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Everything. and Polka.
Favourite Books
Urban Fantasy, historical Fictions. One of my favorite books is Afterlives (a fantasy/scifi anthology)
Favourite Writers
Neil Gaiman, Clive Barker, Charles deLint, Ken Follett
Favourite Games
hide and go scare
Tools of the Trade
Pen, Pencil, tablet, Paintbrush, rags, Staple gun, Dr. Pepper, glue, photoshop, eyes,hands
Other Interests
Art, confusion, music, dark things, ancient things, weird things

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Happy New Year Lydia! Hope 2020 is great for you! :HappyNewYear: 

Thank you!! I am a wee behind on responses!! XD Happy new decade!

Good to hear from you! Happy new decade to you, too! :D
Welcome back, and "bon voyage" to where ever you are going... Hopefully it will still be Earthside. ;-)
Should be! And thanks!!
I'm so amazed by your artwork. I feel inspired.
Thank you so much - its encouraging to hear!