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After all this time, it's still me.

It's been a while since I last changed my profile picture. While I still like my old picture, I still think it's a good idea to replace it with something that represents better where my skill level is now. I made this in about 5 hours in my own painting software. I'm very happy with how it turned out. Hopefully you all will still be able to recognize with this new picture thought. :D
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I love it! just wondering, its a gnoll, yes?

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It's an anthropomorphized hyena. I didn't think much about the Dungeons and Dragons lore with this character, so it's not connected to that world.

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Zy you madlad, you will never cease to impress me. I can't process how detailed that is, and that fur rendering... Overall, it reminds me of a Renaissance painting. o.o
Also, i'm very curious about your homemade software, it seems to work very well in term of brush engine by the looks of it. I hope this other project of yours will do well! ovo
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Oh my, you really make what I do sound impressive.  (x
If you're interested in seeing how I paint, I did record the process last week.  It's for a different painting and I didn't speed it up unfortunately, but you can skip around to see what I do.  d:…
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Gorgeous creation! Amazing detail and texture as well as color design. Awesome job. If you get time please give feedback on some of my work.
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Reminds me of Vermeers Girl with the pearl earring. Very amazing! Love it.
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Oh yeah, I can see the similarities.  If only Vermeer wasn't stuck in the late Baroque with all the browns in the shades.  But then again, the simplicity in colors might have been what allowed him to group the values so well and create this striking composition.  (:
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Holy heck thats detailed! I love it, it’s adorable!!
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Sound like I managed to achieve the illusion of detail!  :D
Either way, I'm happy to hear that you like it.  (:
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You’re so welcome! This peice deserved a fave!
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I love your projects!
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Thank you!  Hopefully I'll make even more to like soon.  (:
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Thank you.  (:
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What a good doggie! 😁
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Thank you!  But this is a striped hyena, not a dog.  d:
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