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Lets reignite,
Everything we had is out of sight.
I miss you like hell, like fuck, like might;
Lets sugar up the wound and bring out the light.
But look at heaven's signs; they keep warning me.
And revelations that the clouds reflect upon the sea.
And the ink on the walls that I dare not see.
I keep walking passed the omens ever so blindly.
And this is when I disintegrate;
Sorrow's dagger stabs me before the gate.
Don't enter, don't enter, look at your state,
You're swimming in, fool, like fish to bait.
So stop fighting the current,
Child, if God wanted it, he wouldn't have wouldn't,
And that ain't glass in the pane, no it isn't,
It shattered long ago. You're free: run for it.
So let my love fade away,
My hearts been stabbed, there's no reason for me to stay.
Run out the door, run out this way,
Look up, look up, it's a brand new day.
:iconzynukthoom:Zynukthoom 0 0
Stubborn Ink!
Dance to the flow of my death!
I am being devoured.
I am swallowed by this wicked Sea.
And persistent weed pulls me deep.
I am drowning.
Oh, but how can this be
when I am as dry as an autumn leaf.
I am whimpering and blown.
I combat myself and this cruel Wind.
I feel as if my insides have been severed delicately.
As this flow of blood drowns me in bittersweet pain.
A muted gasp escapes me,
and I laugh and sob.
Do not stitch me.
Do not mend my sweet wound.
I have but severed myself.
I cry with crimson tears.
It is of love.
I am torn.
I am torn away.
And these delicate fibres of Time
weave me together.
And I wait.
This burning kennel of life seeps with sweet sorrow.
It teases me. It shall end me.
But I wait.
Because that is what these hands tell me.
Which grasp tightly to this cord.
Because that is what these feet tell me.
Which remain locked between the crevices of this Cliff.
And that is what this flooding heart tells me.
But I am drowning.
I feel it within me.
I fe
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ID 2 by Zynukthoom ID 2 :iconzynukthoom:Zynukthoom 1 2
You ask.
Why are you doing this?
Because I don't need any more pain.
I don't need you.
I don't need your touch.
I don't need your false love.
And those tales you tell
that bring us to tears and laughter.
And those eyes you look at me with
that twinkle and brim love.
And those arms
that embrace me when I cry.
And that laugh
that sings your happiness.
And that heart
that beats strong with love and life.
I don't need you.
I don't need you anymore.
And your lies.
Because I don't need any more pain.
And though it hurts.
Though it hurts more than
seeing you love another
Hurts more than
knowing you never meant it when you said you love me.
Hurts more than
leaving you week by week.
Hurts more than
grasping the little time we have.
Hurts more than
the times I've cried myself to sleep..
This can not be.
Because though I lie,
though i DO need you,
and all you
and everything about you,
I. do. not. need.
:iconzynukthoom:Zynukthoom 1 3
The Arrival
My wrists are bound behind my back. I am shoved and prodded constantly. My spine: numbing. My escorts brusquely lead me up the weathered path.
I trip on the shoe one of them held out purposely. They snicker. The sods.
Recovering from the fall, I look up to find a speck beyond the path we walk. That speck, there, is my haven. My abode from the crap these gits give me. Well I ain't gonna take it! And I forcefully shove away from their tight grasps, glaring at them with my storming eyes. My scarred nose held high in defiance, and my chest swelling, challenging them.
``I ain`t no pris`ner no more! So you can damn well stop acting like it!``
And those stupid grins are wiped off their faces in an instant. I believe it occurred to them that they were in the middle of  nowhere with a raging lunatic who has a colourful history of violence. I assume they felt content not being added to such history books. So they kept their hands to themselves. Serves them right.
Now the speck is an er
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Music on A Lazy Afternoon by Zynukthoom Music on A Lazy Afternoon :iconzynukthoom:Zynukthoom 0 0
Oh meandering river of step stones!
I see your trickery.
I see your Wrath!
It hides beneath the linens.
And on my hands: Blood.
No banishment of etched memories.
Oh Useless Movements!
They can not Wipe away!
I have no legs; no coverings.
I have no mind-journeys; no voyages alike.
But I have Dream-gold.
I have Mind-longings.
Though they lie beyond your Path!
For there are rocks and snakes between.
And Here I stand, quite currently.
This story has not been told.
I must Prove myself.
Break rocks, swallow snakes.
Rip Linens, and your Wrath I take.
Your mockery is just Foolery!
Oh and I see my Mind-longings!
And my memories fade.
Here: fully grown legs; warm coverings.
I wipe the Blood.
I see new beginnings...
Then mine will be the Dream-gold...infinitely...
:iconzynukthoom:Zynukthoom 1 3
Scrawling pen for fantasy ventures.
For limitless There,
In your drowning Here.
Pick up the fallen breadcrumbs.
From past Seekers.
They are not rotten yet.
What of this posture?
What of your bending back?
Your head is sagging in shame.
Your eyes wander grounds,
As if shoe prints are treasure banks.
There is nothing there.
You hide your mind.
Your words are worthless, for you have none.
Have the termites properly dined?
Your scrawling pen is useless.
The ink will dry out.
And your silence is eternal.
You envy those who Sought.
And envy those who have Found.
And their footprints are quite fresh.
And in each depression, a gift for you.
Fallen breadcrumbs,
Not quite rotten yet.
:iconzynukthoom:Zynukthoom 0 0
ID by Zynukthoom ID :iconzynukthoom:Zynukthoom 1 2 inches by Zynukthoom inches :iconzynukthoom:Zynukthoom 2 3
Endless Forever
Have you seen the earth
and air
as it mends together?
as it is one,
and water joins.
Endless Forever.
that of life and death,
bound together.
That of sight-seeing,
and fleeing.
But there is forever.
Brother A
and sister B.
Woven not together?
Here is mother mind,
and father power.
Hear their Endless Forever.
:iconzynukthoom:Zynukthoom 0 7
Sooty Footmarks., ACPWFSM poem
Mystic Forest,
of whispering names,
and memories.
And withering trees,
of which many die away.
And Beyond:
a path.
Stone upon stone,
Ahead the finale awaits.
And here upon the end,
a division lay beneath.
An untold decision
teases in one's wake.
And the options are but simple
on this division lacking math.
The Eye wanders false,
but the Heart beats true.
The left:
a fire.
And right,
a meadow.
And winds whisper
and force.
Swaying figure,
tipping right.
But restraint is awaken.
Fire dances in the Eyes,
and Heart weakens and falls...
and dies...
And feet are mobile,
overpowering Wind.
And laughter of Sinister,
of Flames,
breathed in.
And Mystic Forest sighs.
Here, another end.
And ancient leaves
rustle the final time.
They fall...
The end has come.
All is hushed.
But of one sound,
and it loudens
And it is but clear,
as left approaches,
and as hollow footsteps
meet an empty end...
Fire engulfs!
And quickened pattering
is evident once more!
:iconzynukthoom:Zynukthoom 0 0
Snape,. bluered dualpen by Zynukthoom Snape,. bluered dualpen :iconzynukthoom:Zynukthoom 2 5
Infinity., ACPWFSM poem
Unwinding Nature,
In your eyes is
And many shrinkings,
almost a sin.
But no need, no need,
And colours return!
So tempting it is!
A new world in origins of past!
You speak of poetry,
but behold the final form.
Here awaits the greatness of once-more!
And it shall return!
My mind is made!
Carry on, carry on,
tarrying will delay!
Oh no!
Oh my!
I see doubt in your eyes...
Your solid eyes...
of Infinity...
And I see once more.
Forgive the uproar.
It can not be,
it shall not be.
Because although the power
lay in your palms.
The palms are of
:iconzynukthoom:Zynukthoom 1 0
IamTheDarkness., ACPWFSM poem
I am The Darkness
(Shadow Defeat: The Cursèd Cycle)
There, the sun!
How violent it is.
It beats and beats upon my head!
Here, stand I.
My presence down-cast.
Eye upon shadow,
writhing in defeat.
This sun that beats.
This shadow so weak.
Though soon it sets,
and soon mine grows.
Mine shall prevail.
And with it shall I.
My shadow grows strong.
And with it, shall I.
Soon the shadow beats
the oh-so-weak sun.
Dying away.
Writhing in defeat.
And shadow grows, grows,
enveloping the world.
And darkness spreads,
as shadow dawns.
Though fickle foes peak out,
friends of the sun.
Specks in the sky -
but nothing much.
And shadow prevails -
but for only half the time.
The sun starts to waken,
illuminating the sky.
Slowly and slowly,
shadow begins to die.
Then once more....
There, the sun!
How violent it is.
It beats and beats upon my head!
Here, stand I.
My presence down-cast.
Eye upon shadow,
writhing in defeat.
:iconzynukthoom:Zynukthoom 1 5
Age., ACPWFSM poem
Sound eruption,
and illumination.
Twitter, twatter, light.
Meadow running.
and dreaming.
Pitter, patter, sigh.
Pencil scrawling,
and work.
Scribble, scrabble, weep.
Lightly rocking,
and reflecting.
Ricket, racket, die.
:iconzynukthoom:Zynukthoom 1 3


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Nola S. Z.

Current Residence: Canada
Favourite genre of music: progressive / alternative / art rock / indie
Operating System: vista
Favourite cartoon character: Zuko!
Personal Quote: Bogus!
  • Listening to: All We Ask - Grizzly Bear
  • Reading: The Metamorphosis
  • Watching: Torchwood
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The Watcher Game

(borrowed from my buddy :iconbluharunoblssm13:)

"Time to play the game

If don't read this through you will probably lose anywhere from 1 to 10 000 watchers or in some cases even more.

Despite a scary introduction. this is a fun game that i've (zaphiel-san) adapted form the financial industry. adapted form the financial industry. When you follow through exactly the way its supposed to, you can gain up to 10 000 watchers or even more with the investment of only 1 (that is ONE) watch. No, really. It's simple math, I'll explain it to you in a moment.

Now, please, this is just a fun and easy way to expand your audience, please don't abuse it by spamming people or anything. Plus it only works when everyone follow through every step, so it's best to rely on close friends.

And if you don't believe the 10 000 watchers claim yet, get a calc and read carefully what I'm about to say.

Here's a list of five deviant users.

1. :iconxthesilverwolfx:
2. :icondoubleohdani:
3. :iconneonic923:
4. :iconbluharunoblssm13:
5. :iconzynukthoom:

Notice that my avatar is the last one on the list. This is essential.

Now, follow these steps and you're going to be blown out of the water.

Step One: Whether you like it, or not, go and watch the first person on the list. This is your investment, and the whole game will only work if you do that.

Step Two: Delete the name of the deviant you've just watched from the list.

Step Three: Put your avatar AT THE END of the list. That means BELOW all other avatars. In case you don't know, the command that will put your avatar there is : icon[putyourdAnamehere] : without the spaces and with your screenname instead of [putyourdAnamehere]

Last Step: Put this in your journal and tag 10 of your friends.

OK, now see how it works (if you havent figured it out already).

The point of the game is to get 10 people to watch the first person on the list. Why? Because, if you get 10 people to give a watch to someone, that means that person gets 10 watches. BUT, when every single one of them gets another 10 people to watch someone, that multiplies to 100 watches. Since you're now no.5 on the list, it means your 10 friends will tag 10 other and they will in turn tag 10 other and finally they will tag 10 who will finally watch you. Thats 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 = 10 000 watches. Simple, and all you have to do, is to follow through.

Imagine what will happen if more than 10 people pick up on your journal. You can just copy and paste this txt to you journal, remembering to change the necessary stuff.

OK, one final word, just to keep track of how deep this goes,
the journal name will include the lvl number. All I ask you to do is to put a number one higher that the person you're taking this tag from."

Now try to play along please ;P I tag:
(lets just say I tag everyone who wants to try)


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