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Hurray for massive tatas. Commission once again.

Char is :iconqwafel:
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Her ruggedness and savagery puts even an Orc to shame.
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Breasts Breasts Breasts Breasts Breasts Breasts Breasts Breasts Breasts Breasts Breasts Breasts 
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haahaaa tatas
awesome art
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I love a woman that can break me...with her tits.
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massive pffffffffffffffffft
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Sexy and amazing =D
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You couldn't have drawn my gorgeous amazon goddess any more awesome<3
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DAM!!! on topic: very awesome,love everything .
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She looks like she just won a fight with all the blood, great job! And the proportions on the chest are MAGNIFICENT! I love this. La la la la Clap Love :happybounce: Hug 
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wowowowowowowowow she is hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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There's something VERY Trollish about this. Is she a halfie?
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A wha'? :O Nah she isn't. Just a night elf (Or i'm pretty sure she is!)
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The only trollish thing I see about this is the wardrobe, the weapon (actually kind of an orcish weapon), and the nose piercing. Otherwise, she seems like a gladiator. :la:
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lookin' badass ;3 you did a really good job :D <3 
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Insanely beautiful. It's nice to see a tough, strong, beautiful night elf warrior :)
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Awesome work! :)
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Love the picture so glad that you wanted to Make my OC <3 :D
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Y'know what they say. The less it covers, the higher the armor rating is. *nod*
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