Do you think my photo looks highly manipulated?
11 votes
you can sense a bit of tweaking
it's a bit over the top
it doesn't even look like a photo anymore!
I'm an admin and I KNOW that this was mouthpainted by a group of nepalese infants for a bowl of rice! I'll report you to Amnesty International!

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Honestly I don't see any tweaking >.> I don't nitice thiese things, but its not a maniplation, oviously. How the hell can anyone think that?
Or maybe I'm just blind.
In anycase, I think it's about as manipulated and unmanipulated cheese.
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of course no!

hope you doing fine :hug:

good luck with rugby!
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I think your stuff is brilliant!
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hmm, was heißt denn für dich?..
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also mir fällt das nicht auf. ^^