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I will not be around for a while. Life has turned upside down and I'll have to sort it out. Since I haven't been around regularly lately anyways and interes in my stuff has diminished I'm thinking about quitting dA, but I will see about that. What I will do for certain it to go through my previous posts and remove what I feel doesn't fit or didn't get attention. I you faved one of the pieces I'm going to take out, I'm sorry.

If you read this thanks for your support over the past times.


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Still alive!

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 20, 2008, 11:45 AM

Yes, I know, I've not been around much over the last months. Life has been keeping me busy. It's time for me to get my but a degree. I've spent way too much time at uni and I'm sick of not having money AND not having time. So I'm working on my degree right now. This is what life looks like for me at the moment:

View from the University window

Another nightshift on the scanner

So, now you know what's been going on lately. Sorry to keep you guys waiting and for not communicating enough.

Nokturnal by Alcove A Lyrical Presence by kimjew
Sunset 14-B -On Sale by LemnosExplorer Classical Chinese Garden IR by mysteriumtremendum beelitz I by Dave-Derbis
Blenny from Kas by carettacaretta Hildebrandts Starling 0108s by Haywood-Photography

Make shure you check out their galleries, there's a lot more to see!

:iconkirliancamera: for <a title="cheggitout"…">the subscription
go see his gallery, it features beautifull stuff like:
The Golden Queen by KirlianCamera:thumb93134814::thumb57373632:

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I do stuff by Zyklotrop Gimme Coffee by Sadiya The Spanish Inquisition II by TerrorCookie i use raw by spartanoneonesix No more arguments about this by G-manluver:thumb96925402:

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Happy New Year

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 31, 2007, 6:50 AM

Merry Christmas

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 24, 2007, 4:51 AM

The ups and downs in the life of... vol.2

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 18, 2007, 5:18 PM

Well, here it is, the story of the ups and downs in the life of Zyklotrop (the sequel).

After appologising to everyone for not being able to spend much time here on dA I thought everything would turn out well. It started out great, I went on a short trip to the north of germany, had enough time and rest to get rid of a nasty cold that I've been having on and off for about a year now. I took some nice photos, went shopping and paid a visit to Poland. Then I drove down to Prague to play a Rugby League match against the Czech Republic. I had a great weekend, all went well, we won the game and I didn't receive any injuries. In the end I decided to stay one more day and spend quality time in Prague with my girlfriend, sightseeing, taking photos and enjoying the great food and weather.

On the way back, my exhaustpipe almost fell off, making my car sound like a stock car. I got home pretty tired and annoyed. I switched on my computer to save all my photos to the harddrive for sorting out and postprocessing and had a quick peek at my dA-account, just to find out that, in the meantime, I had made first place in naturephotographers "blue contest". My very first win here on dA (naturephotographer.deviantart.…).

As you can see, life was treating me well. I thought, hey, let's get going, practise more, process your photos and get an early start on your finals next semester.
That was then. Shortly afterwards I came down with that friggin sinus infection again. This is a bad time for having it, since I need to get in shape for an international tournament in London that is likely to become very physical. By now I was completely clueless of what to do about the infection, I had tried pretty much everything before, including antibiotics. So I decided to pay a visit to a specialist, got examined, had a CT done of my head, had a fullrange allergy-test done and after 3 days of constandly hanging out at several doctors got the result. Aparently my nasal septum is deformed from 18 years of contact sports clogging one sinus where a chronic infection has established. Without an operation, this can't be fixed. Yay! I just don't have the time for an operation right now.

So I thought, the hell with it, wait some more, get rid of the cold, seize practice for a week and concentrate on your photos and uni. There's enough to do...
Half way through postprocessing my photos from Prague, including stuff I need to send to the German Rugby League Federation, my computer froze. I tried to reset, switch it back on - nothing. After fuzzing around and messing with the hardware for half a day, I found out that my mainboard had given up... So my computer is at the shop right now, wayting for a new mainboard... :P

I hope this will not take forever and that I don't have to competely reinstall everything. Untill then, all my photos are gone, all my passwords and bookmarks are gone and most of the programms I use. So please be patient with me, at least I'll have a load of stuff to submit later on.

I'll put up some stuff I took today and the day before to test my new Cokin polarized filter.

Sorry, no features at the moment!

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i use raw by spartanoneonesix Gimme Coffee by Sadiya

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Resurface and a year has passed

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 27, 2007, 2:36 PM

Darn, I missed my 1st anniversary! Yesterday I had been a member of dA for a year. A lot has happened inbetween, some things are still the same. I take this opportunity to thank all the good people here who have supported me during this year, who have commented on my work, added it to their favourits and who have been watching me. Thank you all, you've been a great help and a source of inspiration. :hug:

Statistics for the past year:

Pageviews: 2,423
Deviations: 103
Comments received: 753
Favourits received: 466
Love received: tons

I'll be leaving for a short trip early tomorrow mornig. I don't expect to be back until August 5th. Have a good time everybody, I'll talk to you when I get back. :wave:

I'd like to apologise for my absence during the last couple of weeks. I merely found the time to submit a photo every now and then. Things have gotten a bit complicated over here. I had to work hard to be accepted for my last degree in communications design next semester. I chose a rather demanding professor, demanding enough for me to be the only graduand he'll be having. So now I'm trying to make ends meet, preparing and researching for my degree and spending all my free time to get fit for Rugby. I also have a nasty cold since early last week. I think I need a timeout. I'll try to answer all my messages now and have a look at the 700+ deviations that currently are in my devwatch, but that'll take time. Sorry for the delay.

Another little incident that happened lately:
ethereal polarity by Zyklotrop
A while ago I submitted this at PhotographersClub. Well, at least I tried to. Apparently there's a number of new admins there. One of them answered my note and declined it, stating it was "obviously a manipulation" and "As you do know, we only accept photographs". I was quite surprised and stated that in fact this obviously IS a photo and I only tweaked it using tools I would have used manually in a darkroom and if she/he wanted to see the original version straight from my camera. I was answered this: "I do understand your view but I'm afraid as according to our submission policy, it should not have been manipulated (or otherwise not seem like it has been)."
So this means if some half-baked admin thinks your photo "seems like it has been manipulated" it is declined, no matter if it is or not. After this I stopped the conversation because obvously it won't lead anywhere. On a sidenote, during the period of my fruitless tries a number of "obvious manipulations" by others were accepted including fake hdr-shots, heavily filtered ones, ones that were painted into and were using color gradients. I guess what we have here is a case of admins abusing theyr authority and playing dictator.
Hence no more submissions to PhotographersClub for me.

No features this time. I'll have some sorted for the next journal, I promise!

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New features and a new journal

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 13, 2007, 5:03 PM

Thought I'd change my journal layout again. I felt it was crappy.
So there you go, the all new, all stylish journal. Hope you all like it.

Not much happening over here. I've been practicing and playing a lot of Rugby lately. Rugby Union season is over and my team had the most miserable season ever. Lots of injuries and not enough players to compensate. The next couple of months it will be all Rugby League and 7s for me, first a League development match with the national team against a British army selection next weekend, then 7s-university-championships, then an international League testmatch against Serbia. I'm looking forward to all this!

Other than that I've been going through all the pictures, I originally had planned to submit, but for various reasons didn't. I'll propably be posting some of them in the near future. I'm also going to review the photos in my gallery.

Last but not least, here are this weeks (and propably the next weeks, too) features. All of the featured artists are very tallented and should get more attention for their incredible work.

:iconkirliancamera: with:
The house of the flying cats by KirlianCamera:thumb53035698::thumb54119254:

:iconcraftworker: with:
Balance by craftworker Fly Eyes Part 2 by craftworker Pointy Butt by craftworker

:iconcarettacaretta: with:
porcelain crab by carettacaretta sea slug 3 by carettacaretta sea slug 6 by carettacaretta

Make shure you check out their galleries, there's a lot to see!

:iconsidneyeileen: for <a title="cheggitout"…">the feature

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:iconsilber-englein: for <a title="pay a visit"…">the feature

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i use raw by spartanoneonesix Gimme Coffee by Sadiya

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The ups and downs in the life of...

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 8, 2007, 6:44 AM
I'm off to a Rugby tournament in Switzerland for the weekend.
Check out theyr website here:
I'll talk to you all next week, have a good one!

Upon my return from my Ausria trip, I found myselve in up to the neck in examn frenzy. To make things short, it didn't really work out the way it should have. In fact, I had to postpone my practical finals until next semester. This means I'll have to work my but off just to pay unifees for another term. University does have a tendency to get REALLY annoying these days. Anyways, luckily there's other things in life:

To my amazement I found out that I had won 2nd prize in isabeluchas "fragile"-contest (…). I have to admit, I completely forgot I had entered. So here I am, in the midst of exam- mayhem, receiving a note from possumofthegrotto  about her donating a years subscription. Immagine the joy!
I'm really thankfull.

Besides that, I have been featured several times lately. Amongst them were:
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------<… by :iconshaxpi: |… by :iconluckymax: |… by :iconjoeiepaul:
Thank you guys, I really appreciate it!
In case I've forgotten anybody, please gimme a hint...

Now, since I've been featured and since I've got a subscription now, I've come to the conclusion that I should give back some of the love and community spirit by featuring some beloved artists myselve. I'm not shure if this will be a regular part of my upcoming journals. It all depends on the sparetime I have.

My first featured artists are:
:iconshaxpi: with:
Crossed roads by Shaxpi Nahuizalco Portrait by Shaxpi close-down by Shaxpi
:iconcarterr: with:
Rainbow Lorikeet by carterr Pink Hats of Creativity by carterr Paua Shell by carterr
:iconlegioner: with:
Ocean Bloom by Legioner Twins by Legioner Canoeing In Crystal by Legioner

Now have a nice rest of the week everyone, and take care,



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After my toothinfection and after having to go to the dentist daily for a week being in antibiotics once again, I finally had two wisdomteeth removed on thursday. The rest of the day was pure agony. Stayed in bed until friday evening, icepacks on my face, painmedication and all.
Yesterday it was better, I was able to spend some time at a womans rugby tournament of our club and take pictures. I even was able to take some macro shots inbetween. Today I should be playing for my club, but there's no way since my face is still swollen like a balloon.
I'll take some pictures instead...

Thanks everyone for the kind words and the patience.

I'll post a picture of my teeth in the scraps section! ;)

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Quick update on my whereabouts:
After booted in the face in yesterdays game and getting my head stiched once more, last night was hell because one of my wisdom teeth  decided to have a boost in growth and ripped open my yaw. It's all infected now and I'm off to the mandible sugeon to get it removed. So there is a chance of me not being around for a day or two.

Catch you when I'm back in action,

have a great spring everyone (resp. autumn for the southern hemisphere),


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Yay! :w00t:

I've just passed the 1000 pageviews mark.
To celebrate this and also to spread some of my work
I've joined two clubs (so far):

photopurist: A club dedicated to black-and-white photography

birds-club: A club dedicated to bird photography

I was also looking for an underwater club, but there is none so far.
Maybe I should found one myselve...

Be shure to check out the mentioned clubs, they feature some amazing works!

In the meantime have a happy Easter,


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This winter is no winter. No snow, temperatures like spring, blossoms in the backyard. At least its sunny...

Currently I'm in the pre-state of my examn semester. It's allready driving me nuts. The Professors seem to be committed to getting all hectic and demanding. It's about time I finish university and start making some money.

In the meantime I've been working on a little something to submit to *curua's "fat superhero contest" . It's been a long time since I've done my last Illustration (apart from quick pencil scetches). So far I'm quite happy with the outcome, but the coloring takes to much time and doesn't come easy. If I'd spent more time on my tablet it would be more fluid for shure. The tablet I own is rather junkish, too. I always have to change my display settings to get a decent working environment and results. I'm thinking about getting a wacom, but they are for to expensive. Well, life's tough... :)

I'll be submitting scraps of the project and the final result asap.

In the meantime have phun everybody, come visit my gallery and comment/fav as much as you like. ;-)



Ps.: Last week I bought part 6 of Massimiliano Frezzatos "Les Gardiens du Maser". If you're into skilled comics, go get it and part 1 to 5 too. It's up there with the best illustrating I've seen. Absolutely stunning! Wanna get more information about it, check out:
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Merry Christmas to everyone.
Have a good time and don't get stressed.
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Due to the fact, that my recent deviations seemed to iterest nobody and that I've received hardly any comments I'll step back a bit. I've got othe projects to take care of and putting work into submitting art nobody is interested in is a dead job. I'll still be arround, but not as regularly as before.

Thanx to all the watchers of recent times.


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Well, I'm back...
And quite busy, so the shots from my trip will be added gradually.
... due to heavy vacationing. I'll take some snaps...
C U all in about a week,