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Little Taichous and Candy
“Hnn.” Hitsugaya eyed the brightly wrapped offense.
Normally, if he could not avoid the candy Ukitake dumped ahem gave to him, he gave it to Yachiru when his ‘neighbors’, nicely put, were getting irritating, a night of chasing and avoiding their fukutaichou often sobered their temperaments. Seireitei had at least one hour’s peace, enough time for him to file a complaint.(usually beacause of the dead woodland creatures he found that had 'accidentally' wandered into 11 division.) It rarely went anywhere-who could or would tell Kenpachi that he, and his division were disturbing his neighbors and being a general pain? No one without a death wish.
But he had a lot of candy.
And nothing to do with it.
‘You can’t hate something you haven’t tried, Taichou.’ A rebuke from Matsumoto from once commenting (he didn’t complain. He never complained.)About getting said candy. ‘A gift is a gift, after all.’
Sighing heavily Toshirou decided tha
:iconzykiel:Zykiel 3 3
Amaretsu Ejinaze-OC Ref
Name: Amaretsu Ejinaze (Amaretsu is a girl's name and means Shining Light, unless mistaken.)
Age: Appears to be 11, is actually around 34. (He doesn’t know for certain.)
Gender: Male.
Unit (1-13th):
Zanpakutou-'Soul Slayer'(name and ability):
Itaciru. Unreleased it looks almost normal, but lacks a hand guard and has a slight curve toward the handle, not extremely serious, most don't even notice. There is a small symbol of a running wolf on the blade just before the handle. He has to wear it over his back, least it catches on the ground. (If you ask him it's easier to manage that way and he doesn't have to worry about running himself through.)
Released it gains a braided cord that wraps around Amaretsu's wrist to prevent it getting lost in a fight. Itaciru’s main ability is to negate the effects of other zanpaktou. Especially harmful ones. (Like cutting off the senses, or binding abilities...or what ever the case maybe.) Itaciru has negated a few healer type Zanpaktou as
:iconzykiel:Zykiel 0 0
Teisei Uchiha-Char Ref
[b]Name: [/b] Teisei Uchiha
[b]*Nickname:[/b]Call runt by his siblings
[b]Gender:  [/b]Male
[b]Ninja Level: Genin(just out of acadamy.) [/b]
[b]Appearance ( Pic or detailed info ): [/b]
Lighter bulit then most his age, so he sometimes appears fragile. Extremely pale do to a tendency to avoid contact with other people, and spends a great deal of time training in areas where there is little light. He wears a black tee-shirt, with dark bandages around both wrists. he has light tan colored pants, and wears the typical shinobi sandles.
He also has a necklace with a kunai that hangs agianst his chest. (It is important emotionally.) He wears the village headband around his upper arm, and often has his bangs in his face. His eyes are most stand-outish even withblue/black hair. They standout because they are two differnt colors. One is the typical black. The other is a vivid blue. As far as he can tell, the Sharingan doesn't work in the blue one.
[b]Personality: [/b]
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Well, ignore how miffed i am at Naruto and bleach at the moment, It's been a good long while.

I finally got off my rear to work on my comic after having to restart(i had to wipe my Hard drive, no way around it. i tried too.) i finally decided to just post what i do and see if people like it.

So yes, that's what i've been up to.

(just a list.)
Touketsu (Frozen)
Hyoukai (Hmm, i think it means 'Frozne Over.)
TerraUnda (Means 'Earth Water.)
Akakios ( 'Not Evil')
Senka ('Shadow')
Niro ('Dark')
(For now. More info will eventually be avaible.)



Workin on Stuff
United States
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Personal Quote: taking sides is soo time consuming, i'll just agree to disagree, okay?


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