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Zygorex Rules:

:bulletred: You can redesign your Zygorex. No need to message me (Mexialist) or the group about it.
:bulletred: You can re-sell or trade your Zygorex for any amount. Though if you see someone scalping, please message the group and I will ban them from the group and remove any advertisment posts by them. (Scalping is when someone is getting a Zygorex for the sole purpose of re-selling them for more than they initially received it. Like, selling them for x2 the price almost immediately upon receiving it.)
:bulletred: There are no trade cooldowns. Trade your Zygorex whenever you want to.
:bulletred: You can void your Zygorex, there's no masterlist so no need to tell me about it. Just remove their Zygorex label or say they were voided and youre good. If someone voided their Zygorex you can always just turn them back to one if you want to.
:bulletred: You can remove any "off-limit" traits from a Zygorex on a re-design, if you later want to add them again, you can.

Group Rules:

:bulletblack: Be kind.
:bulletblack: I don't condone the harassment of any user within the group or for Zygorex related purposes or anything else. If you're being an ass towards someone for Zygorex related reasons, even outside the group or website, you will be banned from the group and blocked by me (Mexialist).
:bulletblack: No ableist, lgbt+phobic or racist behaviour within the group. Also no politics.
:bulletblack: Keep advertisements Zygorex related. If you post an ad and it got nothing to do with Zygorex you will be warned and after multiple warnings will be banned from uploading any more advertisments.
:bulletblack: Calling any Zygorex-like OC you see outside the group and elsewhere an offbrand counts as harassment and will get you banned from the group. Leave other users alone. If it's not being advertised as a Zygorex and isnt a blatant 1-1 rip-off leave them be. If you're concerned, message the group and I will deal with the situation if necessary.
:bulletblack: Don't post NSFW or extreme gore within the group. This is a PG 13 group.
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Group Info

Zygorex are a simple personal/closed-species by Mexialist.
The group does not have in-depth lore, activities or anything of that sort. Masterlists are not hosted either. This species merely exists for designing funky creatures known as Zygorex.
Let's all just vibe.

How to pronounce Zygorex?
Sai - Gore - Ex
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Jul 26, 2021


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