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It isn't just the way you put your things on a table. I believe, it is also the way how our brains work. Here is workspaces collection of deviants around here. Take a look and take some ideas for your one.
:thumb104067938::thumb63582814: Workspace by ShawnCoss My Mess - um workspace.... by Luna-Rose Old Workspace by Rvi5ion June Workspace by guidenzin Workspace by makaweli Workspace by Chexee Meh Workspace by fanchielover15 The Workspace by Jonn:thumb60684797::thumb97565207: My Workspace 2 by cosmosue New Workspace by cjgraphix:thumb50536997: Workspace by SarmaiBalazs:thumb106379899: Workspace of Doom by earth-hacker-ed:thumb64876208::thumb78805395::thumb103009239: workspace. . . by silverwolf77 My Setup by datboyct desktop by ruzy3:thumb102319667: ANGRY workplace by Tarelkin:thumb57707715: My workplace by Frider My workplace by drevilknevel my workplace by elodrin workplace by Fel1x My Workplace at home by Br1ce:thumb70823138: My Workstation by FIAMdesign Current Workplace by Appl3ju1ce:thumb98871534: My workplace... by vezpula


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wahhh i wasn't chosen for this, and yet my workspace is far more pimpin than many of these :cries:
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Mines way better! :D
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oh well.. hahahah great, thts why they have great work.. coz on 1 table has 2-3 comp. wow ^^
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Hmm, the mind is a mysterious thing. It fits itself into places and extends to encompass them.

Just like driving a car or riding a bike; you know where the ends of the wheels are, where the wing-mirrors are, you can feel them. Your desk and your computer are an extension of that, and the minds fits itself into that space.

I love seeing these, in a way, and I hate it too. First there's the fact that I can see how some people think, and then again second... it shows me that I'm by far and away paid less than any of them... even the students :floating:

Good collection my man.
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Прикольные дески, классная подборка !
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