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Sephiroth Dakimakura

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Finished~ Here's my inspiration -… <- Available to Buy Here
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ash1roseHobbyist Writer

I want to climb that like a tree using only my tongue :love:Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1]

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Zyephens-InsanityProfessional Digital Artist

rofl XD

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I have a paper to write but I'm having writer's block. Here for some....inspiration.

And mm...yes...I am soooooo inspired.

Still got writer's block though.

Zyephens-Insanity's avatar
Zyephens-InsanityProfessional Digital Artist
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KellyEdenProfessional General Artist
Hey dear, your shop link is not working. My friend bought me this pillow a few years ago and I LOVE IT. mine got damaged from uh..... *cough cough* ... the dog?
anyway I'd really like to replace mine if possible! 
Zyephens-Insanity's avatar
Zyephens-InsanityProfessional Digital Artist
Yeah I unfortunately don't have a store at the moment. If you want you could pm me your paypal e-mail as well as your mailing address and which item/items you would like and I can send you an invoice for the item. Once I receive the funds I'll send the item out for delivery within 3 business days.
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ash1roseHobbyist Writer
Omg my life.  Needed.  THIS.  SO BADLY. :heartyfaint: faint Squee! 
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AshtheStampede89Hobbyist General Artist
:iconhnnghnosebleedplz: Oh... oh my god... he's just... oh my god...

*ahem* I-I mean, what nice Chocobo bedding you've got there....!

Hot damn... :heart:
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BillyXxHobbyist Photographer
where do I buy this treasure o.o ?
Zyephens-Insanity's avatar
Zyephens-InsanityProfessional Digital Artist
right here, just toss me a pm with your order info ;D
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GreenleaffrogHobbyist General Artist
*faints* Oh my heart! He is soooo handsome!!! *___*
Charikleia32's avatar
Charikleia32Hobbyist Digital Artist
*get on her knees and start to pray* oh dear Santa i was a good ..äh very goooood girl so please send me a Present like this thank yoo Evil Onion 
boxofslavery's avatar
I just may end up buying something at the next A-Kon.  ;)  I like the Sesshoumaru one too.  Can't wait to see it finished.  Good thing I already own two body pillows that could use new covers.
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KingofBeastsGrimmjowHobbyist Artist
drools and faints*:iconcomputernosebleedplz:
Mistress-0f-Dragons's avatar
*fangirl scream and faints*
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SourShockXStudent General Artist
Ohohohohohoho this is so hot!
Fayuu's avatar
FayuuHobbyist Digital Artist
Awhahaha, made my day :love:
DmianLucifel's avatar
Love it!! I need one... no... two of thoes!! XD
VampNi's avatar
O//////////O I dunno why, but........I wanna nom on him XP I ish weird like that!
KagomeChan23's avatar
yum! and love the chocobos hahaa
barananduen's avatar
barananduen General Artist
Sexy sexy man! Dat body! :drool:
and I'm jealous of your foot-drawing-skills
But omg the chocobo with the tongue stole the show! :squee: *wants it* XD
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DemonQueen17Hobbyist General Artist
Sephiroth has got be the sexiest character in all of Final Fantasy VII. I love this picture.
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SerpentRoseHobbyist Digital Artist
I really feel like the chocobos ruin the sex appeal. .-. I'd still only buy this without the choco print or if you put Masamune next to him. XD; Other than that all of this is great.
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SilverSirenSongsHobbyist Traditional Artist
you just made my day a whole lot better XD
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