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I dunno who he is, but I kinda like his design...lolol

I saw him long ago, but then I didn't know he's a vocaloid...even now I never hear his voice, so I wonder if he has a great voice to listen to...lolol

Yuuma (c) whoever owns him...
Art (c) meh~
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He has a pretty awesome voice, you should listen to him
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:3 Sweetness~ :D He has a nice voice xD
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Amazing! I love it! :)

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This is so amazing. ;u; <3

Would you allow me to use it for my Yuuma cover of Albino when it's finished? ;w; I'll credit you in the description!
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it is finish..^^
yeas, u may use it,just credit me~and can u link it back to me once you're done? I would love to see it..thank you so much!
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oh, okay! thank you! and certainly~
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Did you draw that...? It's so good~!!
Why can't I draw like that... T_T
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whoa really?? i didn't know him either.. anyway, gotta check the hot guy out XDD
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yeah really~! XDDD

go check him out!
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I've searched him now, i wasn't aware of those vocaloid yamaha... why don't they get so much exposure??
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:Happycry: Is fucking perfect! Yuma *-* -dies-
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S-s-so handsome!!! (nosebleed)
Your style is so cool!! I love how you draw him!! :heart:
Yuuma~ :heart:
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thanks so much Fuka-tan!!! :iconaawplz:
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HNG :heart:
sudah jadi gila sya xDD
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jangan!! dont go gila yet~! let yuuma hug chu first..XDDD
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i will die if he does ;A;
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I've got two questions,
a) can I use it as a background on my tumblr? :3
b) Do you want me to give you some of his songs? ^^

Also it's absolutely awesome, I just love it o3o
zyein's avatar
1) yeap, u may use it if you want~ and can u linked your tumblr please? i have a tumblr too!! *but i'm not very active tho...* XDDD
2) if u want to, i would love to~ thanks so much! :iconaawplz:
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Oh hey I forgot this one xD Or well thought of it right after I sent the other message. [link] ~
KingisNitro's avatar
1) Thank you~ And well... it's not a personal blog but sure, here you go!~ [link] ~

2) I will give you covers as well, since he has only like 11 originals >_>
Also people sometimes use his higher voice, so... I just mean, he doesn't sound that high all the time xD People just sometimes move him a few notes higher or lower :)
For the covers, [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link]
As for the originals, [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] and most importantly a big late hit [link] ~ Have fun listening to them! ^^ I hope you will like his voice!
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he is soo cute<33 he has such a sexy voice xDD i really like the way you drew himm <33[link]
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thank you so much Airi~~!! XDDD and thx so much for the link too!
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Reallly awesome! I love how you draw him! :dummy:
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