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Devin Norton
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Name: Hunter Azari.

Codename: Wrathion.

Species: Mutant

Alignment: X-Men

Age: 17

Zodiac: Leo

Ethnicity: 51% African American, 49% Jamaican

Backstory: Born and raised in Tampa Florida, Hunter was a young high school senior doing well for himself as a drummer for his school band. One day after school, his power of Reconstruction emerged when a couple of bullies wrecked his backpack and broke his glasses and he fixed them when he touched them. 30 minutes after his power emerged, Cerebro detected his mutant signature and the X-Men were hot on his trail. But they were already too late before the search began. After a long day at school, he comes home and finds the place looking ransacked and in ruins and his parents nowhere to be found. But before Hunter could call the police, he was knocked out from behind by a stranger. A few hours later in an abandoned warehouse, he meets an individual that goes by the name “Mr. S”, who knows that Hunter has powers just like he and many others do. Mr. S breaks down the history of mutants to him and says for the longest time, he’s been wanting to evolve a regular mutant into the Ultimate Mutant. The Apex Mutant. A mutant so powerful, he/she could have the potential to bring the world to his/her knees. But he couldn’t find the right host body for the job and thinks Hunter is his best bet. Hunter eagerly accepts the offer and is put through rigorous and grueling training for months on end in exchange that Mr. S would help him find his missing parents. While Mr. S combined his body w/ various powers through the DNA of other mutants, including some of the X-Men in a facility hiding him and his henchmen from Cerebro. Finally, after months of training, Mr. S allowed Hunter to absorb the radiation from the shards of the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak which was extracted from the remains of Asteroid M. During the process, the power of the shards evolved him and his powers. All that was left for Mr. S to do was to inflict the mind control. But before he could do that, Hunter overhears him and escapes. Alone and afraid, Hunter soon finds refuge in the sewers of New York. There, he met the Morlocks through Spyke. By the time he left the Morlocks, he met the X-Men through a teenage Doreen Green (The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl) once he rescued Tippy Toe from a rabid dog. Now he fights with them and uses his powers against his former benefactor. But how long will his newfound body and powers last?


  • Umbrakinesis (Uses this power as a means of stealth. He can even us it to move into a person’s shadow. But he can only do so at night or in very dark places during the day.)
  • Reconstruction (Restores large amounts of inorganic matter and minor wounds such as burns and small fresh scars. If he heals any wound bigger than that can cause massive headaches.)
  • Hydrokinesis
  • Animal Communication
  • Intangibility (DNA from Kitty)
  • Cryokinesis (DNA from Bobby)
  • Energy Blasts (DNA from Alex)
  • Destructive Sonic Roar
  • Telekinesis (Not as powerful as Jean’s)
  • Flight (Faster than a Peregrine Falcon)
  • Phytokinesis (Control over plant life)
  • Force Field (Physically drains him the more he holds it up)
  • Fire Breath
  • Telepathy Block (On Command)
  • Nerve Control (Similar to a puppet on a string, but also can block his pain receptors to keep on going during the battle while wounded.)

Physical Abilities:
His body adapts to ANY environment
Great breath and cardio control due to stealth and recon training before and after he was enhanced by shards of the Jewel of Cyttorak
His tail is stronger than 100 elephant trunks and can lift himself and other people no matter their weight, w/ little to no effort.
Able to swim faster than a Mako Shark underwater.
Can breathe underwater for several hours.
Superhuman Stamina
Changing Scale texture on command

Appearance (Mutant):
Chocolate Brown skin, Jet Black hair (faded), brown eyes, 6 feet 1 inch high, short goatee, a little chubby (but there’s more muscle than fat), looks approximately 230 pounds.
Appearance (Amalgam Mutant):
White/Silver Hair, Fiery Orange Iris (Jade Green Rings) w/ Onyx Black Scleroses (with hints of Violet shading), Slit Pupils, Fangs, Long Forked Tongue, and slightly curved Demonic/Draconian-like Horns sprouting from his forehead to his scalp, Snake-Like Muzzle, Long Crocodile/Alligator-like Tail, Sharp Claws and Very Smooth Crimson Scaled Skin that can be changed to rough at will (Shade Shifting to orange when in contact with light), approximately 283 pounds due to large amount of muscle gain. And often wears a hooded cloak b/c he felt he looked cool w/ it on.

Explosive Anger when provoked in a certain manner/situation but tries not to show it. When he gets angry, his powers are fully unrestrained. When he fights, grows more violent and instinct prone. More brutal in battle. Beside from that, Hunter has a Kindred Nature. He can be shy at most times when he meets new people, especially when it comes to a girl he likes. Cultured, appreciates other cultures and their histories, and he wishes to learn more about them if given the chance and/or time. And he loves animals, (both prey and predator) and is a major music lover.

Acoustic Drums (his personal favorite), Piano, Clarinet, Vocals, Mexican/Electric Guitar.

Hunter’s Parents
  • Hunter’s Dad is a very supportive individual who loves his son and stands by him and gives him some advice from time to time. Hunter’s Mom is a little like that but she has a “take no nonsense” kind of personality.
Michael “Mikey” MacLeod
  • The Guitarist of the bunch. Mikey’s an all-around fun loving guy who cares for the band and likes to ride on his skateboard. He teaches Hunter how to skateboard but it doesn’t go well.
Daniel “Danny” Hart
  • The bands best Bass Player. Danny has been playing the Bass Guitar since he was a kid. The relationship between his parents (especially his dad) is on the fritz lately, despite being a very successful student and meeting their expectations. He plays the Bass as an outlet to bring his feelings out.
Samantha “Sam” Blake
  • The Vocals/Keyboard player of the gang. She’s a social outcast among her high school peers, and is a little neurotic when it comes to her own grades because of her mother putting a lot of stress on her. Hunter is supportive of her choices. He even helped her with getting her driver’s license and tries to comfort her however he can. In return, joins the band and lends her vocals, keyboard skills and hand in friendship. Even has a Siberian Husky pup for emotional support.
Trent Nash
  • The big bad bully of his school. The dude is exactly like Duncan. Tries to snafu the gang’s plans every chance he could. One day, Hunter snaps and punches him so hard, he lands by a nearby tree.
Nathaniel Essex/Mr. Sinister/Mr. S
  • Acts like a strict father figure to Hunter for most of his training. But all he cares about is finding a suitable candidate to be the ultimate mutant that he always dreamed of making. But, his dream is shattered when Hunter escaped from the lab, and destroyed some of the hardware.
Charles Xavier/Professor X
  • Sort of like a mentor. Just like how the other students at the mansion see him and sometimes, he comes to him for advice.
Ororo Munroe/Storm
  • Sort of like a platonic teacher-student relationship as she cares for all the mutants under the care of the Institute.
Scott Summers/Cyclops
  • Doesn't like him for a variety of reasons. He's a constant boy scout, stubborn, a bit of a perfectionist, and not good at his relationships but keeps trying to work it out as Hunter notices the slightest gap in his relationship with Jean. But he is his team leader, so he has to take orders from him from time to time. And becomes his unintentional Wing Man from the shadows when he notices the relationship between Scott and Jean or Madelyne Pryor starts falling apart.
Jean Grey
  • Hunter has a mentor-student relationship, almost like he does with Hank MacCoy and Ororo. He knows that she's beautiful, but already knows that she's with Scott. So he gives her relationship advice even though he hasn't been in a relationship in his life.
Madelyne Pryor/Jean Grey's Clone
  • Treats her exactly like he does with Jean but when she turns evil, he helps put her down. 

  • Hates him. For whatever reason, Hunter has the urge to kill him but tries his not to.
Danielle Moonstar
  • One of his great friends at the institute, and gradually warms up to her over the course of time he spends there.
  • Hunter comes to his advice sometimes. He’s also his sparring partner because he wants to become stronger in order to beat Mr. Sinister.
Hank Macoy/Beast
  • His first teacher. Like many other students, he sees Hank as a companion and ally. Often teaches Hunter valuable lessons in any situation as he always does with the other mutants in the Institute.
Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler
  • Relates to him. He knows what it truly feels like to look different than anyone else on the outside because he has blue fur three fingers on each hand and two toes on each foot.
The X-Kids
  • He warms up to them after a month or two. But when they show the slightest hint of bad behavior, he doesn’t put up with it. But when he’s tired of their nonsense, he gives them an angry scowl in hopes of scaring some sense into them.
Doreen Green (The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl)
  • Doreen introduced him to the X-Men a few days after Hunter rescued Tippy Toe from a rabid dog. She grows a friendship with him, and even forms a little secret group with him and Tippy Toe called “Tail Trouble”. Hunter believes her to have much potential as a heroine and inspires her to become the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl.
The Morlocks
  • Truly knows what it’s like to be cast out of society just because they look different, and grows a sort of friendship w/ them, especially Caliban who is always suspicious of every new mutant that joins them even for a brief amount of time. Hunter joins them for a week and 4 days to rest, even joins them on some scouting for a while until it is time for him to leave.
More characters are on the way!


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