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Floraverse Contest 1: Prison Behemoths



This is for the Lord of the Flies contest in :iconfloraverse:. It is an excerpt from A Mostly Harmless Encyclopedia of Dangerous Creatures by Fauston the Sylph. Examples of different types of prison behemoths are provided, along with detailed descriptions of them. Page numbers have been omitted for my your convenience.
This entry references or uses these things created by :iconpurplekecleon::
    Owel - Geography: An edited version of this map is used on the first page. It has been cropped, and a portion of it has been painted a translucent red. In addition, several locations on the map are mentioned in the text.
    Several of the canon Floraverse species, including the Cockatrice: The fir prison behemoth has arms with three fingers and a thumb that intentionally resemble similar arms that some members of these species have.
    Rock Candies: The obelisk prison behemoth has arms with three claws each, intentionally resembling those that many Rock Candies have.
    Frostdrop: Frostdrops are mentioned as an example of creatures made of water or ice. This link goes to Cress's profile page, but that's the closest thing there currently is to a Frostdrop profile page.
    Manticore: The bulrush prison behemoth has stems that intentionally resemble the antennae that many Manticores have.
    Hanged Man: The portal prison behemoth has structures on its body that resemble a "pale imitation" of Hanged Men.

The description for this entry references the Sylphs created by :iconharrie5:.
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