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Wyvern concept

Did a sketch a while ago and absolutely forgot about it. I found it today and decided to color it. So here is a Wyvern concept!
I would like to hear your thoughts on this one!
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Woah. Interesting wings.

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The wings will really impede each other. The top pair will have a hard time making a proper beat, which means they will be too inefficient and only extra weight. Besides, the current posture suggests the two pairs are in counter-phase.... and that means they clash when he lifts the lower wings at the time the upper wings will have to beat down. I'm sorry, but two pairs of wings on top of each other just doesn't work. It's some weird vogue on the internet these days, but people clearly don't give a thought to the wing mechanics.

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they stick to each other when it flies, they beat as one. it's drawn like that for beauty since its just a practice peace
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If they beat as one, there's no point in them being two pairs.

It's excess weight that doesn't make sense for a flier.

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like i said, this is just a practice piece for shading :)
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You also said you wanted to hear thoughts :shrug:

Don't get me wrong, I like your art, your dragons are awesome, and the scenery that goes with them is often times simply fantastic. Sorry if I'm annoying.

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yeah that's true. but I'm just trying to say that it being a practice piece for shading, is why i didn't give much thought to the anatomy and purposes of everything. I still appreciate your criticism and will be noted for later artworks :)

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I love the design and colours, it reminds me of one of those moths that looks like a dried leaf!

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That's freaking amazing.

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love the brass colors!

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