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Third Eye

A tribute to Tool. Or rather to their artwork by Alex Grey. Been a fan of their psychedelic artwork for a long time.

This picture is a raw fractal made in Apophysis 2.09. Initially it ws supposed to be simple, but turned out quite complex - 35 xForms tightly mixed together. Hope you like it :)

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Musical background: Tool
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I get the tribute to Tool/Alex Grey thing...

How I came here, though, was via plangkye and Eye Can!

This is an amazing piece of work, so I pasted the param's supplied in plangkye's piece into Chaotica (my weapon of choice) and there is so much more to this than meets the eye (pun intended). Only ten transforms in Eye Can! but wow, such deep stuff here and for a relative noob it is difficult to follow everything that is going on here. I still can't quite grasp how the relative weights work in Chaotica...

I have the post_smartcrop plugin so I need to have a play with that, for sure.

thanks for the inspiration :-)
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Thanks for your comment!

plangkye managed to repeat the most complex part of this picture. The difference between mine 35 xforms and her 10 is basically just shadows and curls to make the picture look more "realistic".
post_smartcrop is used for most of the tricks here, so I'd recommend to pay more attention to how it's used, if you want to understand how this picture works. Please note that some smartcrop modes may behave incorrectly in Chaotica, so Apo is recommended for this specific transformation.

Good luck! :)
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Thank you :-)

I'm getting a better understanding of how Xaos works now, in Chaotica at least, so I think I'm ready to give smartcrop a go.

I think what blows my mind the most is how you guys know what you want and how to get it. I am still very much into trying stuff to see what happens.


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we would be so grateful if you can give a tutorial on how to model a single eye.
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I'm not very good at writing tutorials. :|
The simplest way to do it would be using "sineblur" for white part and the iris, using "post_smartcrop" to make a hole in these parts. Radial lines inside iris can be done with "radial_blur". All this is later cropped again to get the eye shape with one more smartcrop for n=2.
Plugins I mentioned above can be found in "resources" folder of my gallery.
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that is quite an image - it would make a disturbingly gorgeous wallpaper!
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Это очень круто!!!! Как? Невозможно!? Clap Clap Clap Clap Nod 
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Спасибо :)
Вообще это относительно несложно. Один человек даже повторил - :)
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Great work!!!!! Clap Clap Clap Clap Hug 
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I wish I could create an eye with apophysis.
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It's not as hard as it may seem. People in Aposhack chatroom could help you with that. ;)
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