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Space Texture 1

By zy0rg
First space texture I made for my "z Space Game". (I definitely need to change the name of this game :))
This picture will be used in the second chapter.
Looks best in full resolution (just as most of my works :))
...And yeah, I know this work is far from good. It's my first space art experience and I'll try to do better next time.

Musical background: Aereogramme, Exxasens
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© 2010 - 2021 zy0rg
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Thankyou so much for providing your stock I used and credited on this devation

Lorne-Lanning. Ironman by DDxxCrew
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I guess you don't need permission to use it anymore... :)
HellraptorStudios's avatar
nope, solved it with another background.
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Thank you so much for it!
Used here:
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Nice work!
Thanks for using my resources.
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Used it for a cover on my report, referenced you within, thank you :)
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That looks amazing.

Very nice image. We'll use that in our strategy game site for background image. :)

Thanks man!
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Awesome background. Used it Here .
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i used this as the background of my blog :D i credited you in my about page
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Omg. Why couldn't I found this sooner. I love this texture! GOOD JOB!
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Thank you! :)
Going to use it somewhere?
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Yup. Thinking about using it for some banner or something similar.
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Wondeful ^_^ I used it in my drawing [link]
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Hey I used it here!! BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME!!!

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Really cool work. I used it here. ;) [link]
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cool. thanks!
I find your art fascinating, especially this piece it's literally amazing. I have tried to look for any licensing regulations on this drawing but I didn't find any, so I hope you don't mind but I took the liberty and used this drawing as a skydome in my open-source, free game, Vertigo!

You are appropriately credited on the main page of the game's web site [link] and I intend to add a credits screen inside the game later on, in which you will be featured too.

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