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Polled flamepack

The flamepack containing 5 my best fractals (based on a poll):

The "Bloom" fractal requires unreleased plugin blob2. blob2_alpha.dll is present in archive. Other variations (plugins) are common.

I'm a "last moment tweaker" so some saved (and thus present here) fractal flames may be different from final png images.

Enjoy. Let me know if you use these params somewhere.
© 2011 - 2022 zy0rg
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Thank you for sharing, they look amazing. :)
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I used your fractal sucked here thanks so much.
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Awesome, thanks!
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These are some seriously challenging (and therefore extremely fun) parameters. Thank you. :)

Imaginary Wisdom by waste-and-tragedy
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Here, my take on one of your fractals: [link]
zy0rg's avatar
the "Sucked" I guess... :)

nice tweak! :thumbsup: thanks for using my resources
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"again" is wow
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Tweaked Bloom into Fleur [link] :iconflower2plz:
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Nice result! :)

Thank you for using my params. :thanks:
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Thanks for this outstanding set of image parameters. I have tweaked the Again parameters into the falling greenbacks at [link] :icondollarplz:
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Thank you for using my flamepack! :)

Infinite fractal greenbacks! :faint:
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Thanks for sharing :)
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Looking forward to tweaking these flames. Will link back too. Thanks so much!
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I downloaded this and wanted to have a look, but even though these other plugins are (as you say) common, I still don't know where to get them. I've never even heard of pre_disc or anything that starts with pow_. Where should I look for them?
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Both powblock and pre_disc are present in The Aposhack Plugin Pack... along with tons of other plugins (I've noticed that blob2_alpha is there too :))
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Ah, sweet. Thanks.
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What gorgeous work! I can't wait to try them!
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This looks so very interesting, thank you so much!!! :-)
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thanks :)
got any interesting results tweaking these params?
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