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"Stolen" this picture from pillemaster's 1:4 ratio. I haven't looked at provided params. Honestly. :D.
Added cpow3 for some more twist. :)

Sorry, I didn't manage to choose proper colors this time. :|

PS: Brighter lines are not a result of crop, and this is a fair tiling. Source .flame file is available for download in acrhive to prove a legitimate "theft". :D

Musical background: Rob Dougan
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I draw tilings in Autocad and it tells me the coords in automatic
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Would be great if fractal software could calculate the coords automatically too... :)
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I did a similar thing with squares  Not so lazy Susan... by dark-beam
But it is crappy? :(
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not as crappy as mine :D
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Comparing the params you provided, I think I used a less symmetric substitution, where big and small blue triangle are variable and have a ratio of 1:4 with respect to their area: Skizze1 by pillemaster
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I didn't understand what you mean by "a less symmetric substitution".
Here's how my pattern looks:
Tiling by zy0rg
My purpose was to rotate the "a" triangle by some random angle, in order to get more interesting results with cpow3.
With your pattern only 120deg rotation is possible, provided that the blue triangle is equilateral. By the way, as I understand any ratio will work in your pattern, not only 1:4.

PS: Looking at this explanation image that you provided, I see that in your pattern it is also possible to get a random angle for blue triangle rotation:
Tiling2 by zy0rg
Calculating cpow3 for it would be a hell though... :D
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here is my version of your "stolen" tiling ... I used cpow3 in a different way to improve random coloring in the later hypertile:

<flame name="Apo7x-150711-12" version="Apophysis 7x Version 14" size="1920 1611" center="-0.109803921568627 -0.313419117647059" scale="797.91" oversample="1" filter="0.2" quality="1" background="0 0 0" brightness="4" gamma="4" gamma_threshold="0.04" estimator_radius="9" estimator_minimum="0" estimator_curve="0.4" enable_de="0">
  <xform weight="0.5" color="0" symmetry="1" linear3D="1" coefs="1.732051 0 0 1.732051 -0.866025 0.5" chaos="0 1 0 0 1 0 " plotmode="off" opacity="0" />
  <xform weight="0.637" color="0.5" symmetry="0.33" linear3D="1" coefs="0.673648 0.118782 -0.118782 0.673648 0 0" chaos="0 1 0 0 1 0 " opacity="1" />
  <xform weight="0.5" color="0" symmetry="1" linear3D="1" coefs="0.128886 -0.153601 -0.153601 -0.128886 0 0" chaos="1 0 1 1 0 " plotmode="off" opacity="0" />
  <xform weight="9" color="0" symmetry="1" linear3D="1" coefs="0.871114 0.153601 0.153601 -0.871114 0.128886 -0.153601" chaos="1 0 1 1 0 " plotmode="off" opacity="0" />
  <xform weight="0.633" color="0" symmetry="1" linear3D="1" coefs="0.102401 0 0 0.102401 0.128886 -0.0512" chaos="1 0 1 1 0 " plotmode="off" opacity="0" />
  <xform weight="1.5" color="0" cpow3="1" coefs="1.732051 0 0 1.732051 -0.866025 0.5" cpow3_r="3" cpow3_d="1" cpow3_divisor="3" cpow3_spread="1" chaos="0 1 0 0 1 0 " opacity="1" />
  <palette count="256" format="RGB">
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Looks great! :thumbsup:
I suck at coloring tilings... :(

Did you calculate all positions here from scratch? I've spent quite a lot of time to position everything properly. It looks like it took you much less time.
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A+b by pillemaster
I used (0,0) as center of triangle B and (0,1) as top corner and rotated the 3 corners around (0,0) by 120°/240°. For triangle A, I used (0,0) as bottom left and (1,0) as bottom right corner. This way it becomes quite simple.
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Much simpler indeed. :nod:
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Cool! I like it very very much!
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