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Macro Galaxy

By zy0rg
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Made in Apophysis7x 15c using techniques similar to "City Lights":

The result of "pong" with ~tatasz in #Aposhack

Musical background: Pretty Lights
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thank you! :)
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It's a ,,Micro-Galaxy'' :D

P.S it's amazing!
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This is the proof that it exists some infinities bigger than other infinities...
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Infinitely big infinities... :dummy:
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I haven't found fractal this awesome in a looong time. Congrats on the daily deviation!
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Thank you! :)
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Fantastic!!! Clap Hug 
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Aaaand it's now my iPad wallpaper :D
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This is soooooooo amazing!! Just stunning!! Could you please make a tutorial for this or give us the parameters?  I would love to know how to create the spiral/galaxy effect!  Thanks :)
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I just found out that Apophysis and Chaotica exist, despite seeing tons of beautiful fractals on Deviantart for years. I'm wondering, have you used Chaotica alongside Apophysis? And if so, what might be the benefits or drawbacks of using one over the other, foregoing their difference in price?
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I've mostly used Apophysis rather than Chaotica. But that's probably just a personal preference.
Chaotica is good for rendering fractals. It uses all processor cores and thus the rendering takes much less time.
Apophisis is a bit more user-friendly in term of creating (programming, drawing) fractals.
Chaotica is under active commercial development right now, and Apophysis didn't change much since version 2.09 (September 2009).

You should visit the Aposhack chatroom and ask people there.
I haven't used made fractals for quite a while, so I'm not aware of current situation with Chaotica and if it is already more user-friendly than Apophysis.

Cheers and have fun making fractals! :)
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Thanks so much.
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