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Been experimenting with building random mazes some while back, and got this colorful maze in a process. :)

Fun fact: mixing all colors together will give you #808080, i.e. there's equal amount of all colors here. :D

Musical background: Tame Impala
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Nice! My new wallpaper. :D.
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You’re welcome 😀😉
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Cool colors. How do you work it out so the colors all add up to gray?  I used to really like making greys from magentas, cyans and yellows when i did water colors.
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In my case it's basically just a side effect because of how this picture was made. The picture is a combination of three random mazes, each filling exactly 50% of space, and colored in pure R, G, B.
So all colors here are just a random combination of RGB, and mathematically the picture is determined to be grey in average.

* Actually there is a small deviation from #808080 here because the picture is cut and not all maze is displayed, thus breaking the 50% balance a bit.

Thanks for the comment! :)
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You're welcome.  I think it's really interesting.
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