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Glows in the Dark

By zy0rg
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I'm back. Missed me? :) I did miss you. All of you.
And here is one fractal wallpaper to prove that I'm really here. Hope you like it.

...As always, full size looks best.

*Updated on 12.20.2010:
Archive available for download contains 4 pictures:
- default;
- without borders;
- 2 alternatively colored versions - 'cold' and 'hot'.
All four in 1920x1080, sorry if your desktop resolution is different.

Musical background: Archive
© 2010 - 2021 zy0rg
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Thanks. Glad you like it. :)
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Great wallpaper!

Only thing that stops me using it is the black border around it.
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Check the download link. Enjoy.

And thanks for the fave.
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Thanks :D Using it now!
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You're welcome. :)
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And he is back again with some awesome new wallpapers! Yay now i can change my wallpaper again! Its awesome bro!
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Thanks for the support.
I'll constantly supply you with new wallpapers from now on. :D
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AWESOME!!! '°'(°0°)'°'
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Definitely love this one. Great work. And I did miss you! Welcome back.
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Thanks. It's good to feel welcome. :)

And thanks for the faves. Much appreciated.
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Le-gasp! You poofed as well? Welcome back!

Ooo and what a beautiful fractal!! I love the brightness on the inside of it and the way it darkens as it gets further away. The color is simply neat too. I also like the subtle frame here too

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Thanks! :hug:

My first experiment with purples, somewhy I avoided that color before. I'm glad you like it. :)
H-Everybody-Lies--MD's avatar
Any time!

Really? Well, I'm glad you popped it out of the box here XD
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