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Emotions of Ice

By zy0rg
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"Simplicity" set: 1 | 2 | 3 - 4 | 5. Some info about the set in 'artist's comments' on #1.

Full size looks best.

Musical bacground: 30 Seconds to Mars
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I am a dummy!
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It's like looking at sunbeams in the water. Beautiful.
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The colours and lighting give this fractal a mysterious, ethereal look. It reminds me slightly of an underwater scene. :)
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Yep, I had the "underwater" feeling too. Alternative title I had for this pic was "Trapped Under Ice", which would maybe fit it better. But...
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Awesome work!
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Больше похоже даже не на лед, а на поверхность воды, если смотреть на неё снизу вверх))
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Вся красота фракталов в том, что их можно интерпретировать по-разному.
У меня есть ещё один фрактал на подводную тематику - Night Diving. Может, понравится...

...И спасибо за коментарий. :)
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Thank you. Much appreciated.
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Ooo this is very nice!
Love the blue and white here, especially the way it looks at the top and flows down.
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It looks like you "love" any color I use. (:
...But I don't mind. Thanks alot for the fave! :hug:
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Quite true XD

You're welcome
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Woah this one looks like you are under the water and the sun is shining through the ice. "light brakes through" I love it!
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That's what I wanted to show. The light rays broken and and distorted by ice barrier. Looks calming. :)

Thanks for the faves.
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Course man, love all ur works!
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