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The never stopping gears of xaos machine.

My first attempt in fractal animation. Hope you like it.

Long exposure may harm your brain. :)

Musical background: Shpongle
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My brain does this on DMT....

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Came across this only today, and it's fantastic! :) :clap:
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Awesome!!!!   This is a real mind blower.
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Thank you! Doing my best :)
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Hello! I was browsing for something similar to this to use for something I'm working on and had two questions: a) would you mind my using it if I credit it back to you and b) any way you can create one more, with no borders and in a widescreen format (preferably 1280 x 720)?

If not, no sweat. You've still done such a beautiful job.
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Hi and thanks.
a) I don't mind if you use it for any non-commercial purposes.
b) It is possible but it would take a lot of time. And unfortunately I don't have much free time lately. :|
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Hey no sweat! I figure it's worth an ask. :) Thank you very much!
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Wonderful first animation !!
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First attempt is amazing ,any tips please .
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Thank you! :)

Do you need tips on how to make animation, or how to make the fractal pattern?
To make animation I've rendered separate animation frames (around 30 AFAIR) and then combined them using Photoshop. Shouldn't be too hard if you're familiar with animations in PS.
The pattern is a bit more complex: bubble>julian>hypertile2>bipolar>linear>foci. After you make the pattern you may simply rotate the julian to make the animation frames.
You may ask people in Aposhack chatroom for more detailed instructions.
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Thanks i will see what i can do with your advice . 
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Catguy: :gallery: It's one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen...
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Thank you for support! :)
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:omg:  This is awesome!  Nice work!  :clap:
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Beautiful body of work :)
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