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Stored these plugins in my stock for quite a while. Think it's a good time to release 'em. :santa:

The package contains four plugins for Apophysis, each being a blur of some sort:

sineblur - useful for creating bokeh-like blurs. May also serve as a good replacement for "blur" and "gaussian_blur" variations because it doesn't have a distinct center.

* has one variable - "sineblur_power". It should be easy enough to figure out how it works by yourselves. :)

starblur - the title speaks for itself. That variation creates star-shaped blur. Not the plugin for everyday use but it's useful in some cases (and interesting at least :)).

* has two variables - "starblur_power" that controls edge quantity and "starblur_range" that controls inner angles' distance.

circleblur - same as the default (in Apo 7x) variation "blur_circle". Except that it works faster and is consistent between different versions of Apophysis ("blur_circle" may have different size).

post_depth - the last but not the least. That variation is used to create the depth blur effects in 3d fractals.
Unlike Apo's native depth blur, with this plugin you can use any variation (I'd recommend sineblur) for blurring.
The drawback compared to native blur is that you need to place the blurred object "manually" (i.e. using ztranslate, rotate_x and rotate_y) so it might be a bit tricky to use. But I think that the result is 99.98% worth it. :)

* the variable "post_depth_power" controls the blur size growth based on Z range. 1 means linear growth, other values define the power of exponential growth.
* to use the plugin replace the "linear" variation with "post_depth" and add a bit of blur (0.05 is usually enough) to that transform. Then adjust the blurs with "power" variable.

For more instructions find me in #Aposhack chatroom.
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