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Princess Luna's Question in Minecraft

This is the reason why, Princess Luna, at least in the minecraft world.
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sorry luna but that's the truth in minecraft it's simply too dangerous to be out at night

Scottman23's avatar
But night is like the best time to go mining!
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Man I love The night and Luna, but I don't love what dangers lurk within.
Kinloirm's avatar
Yeah I know I love exploring at night I just can't stand that strange things that can happen in the game, Minecraft can be so creepy sometimes, Butt I would never be afraid of someone like Princess Luna, not even at night, because I would feel safe around her all the time (:
02Yakols-Firestar's avatar
poor luna don't worry i love night because i get to slay every monster in sight :D
Kedaly's avatar
Hug Adorable . May I reproduce your pictures?
DKillustrations's avatar
LOL thats great XD
Br0k3n-M4tr1x's avatar
I may not be a MLP fan, but you gotta admit - heck-a hilarious.
Luna kills all the mobs at once with a very powerful spell,Steve just watches then when the spell is done Steve says "whoa"
Budderisveryspecial's avatar
It's okay Luna I'll always love your beautoful night time
Stitch2Cute's avatar
LOL! But how did she get there in the first place?! XD
werelightshine's avatar
It's obvious! Steve's having a nightmare and she's visiting his dream. (Or at least that's what i think.)
BUllyKiller113's avatar
And then Luna purged the land of the nightmarish creatures
heathfiedler's avatar
hahahahah!! thats great! Well i think it would be better if i had luna to accompany me at night. wouldnt be so much better.
jaceblackfire's avatar
poor Luna, but this is hilarious. 
PsychoYellowDragon's avatar
=( *hug Luna* don't worry about it.
ChaudStarpower's avatar
hey quit hating the night!! you're making Luna cry steve!!!!! -_-
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