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Mirror Master

This was a fun one. We were having a hard time trying to figure out how to make mirror master cool. I've always seen his costume as silly looking and it never made sense. So figured he mainly uses holograms, illusions, lights and why not making him out of one? I kind of pictured his boots, chest, helmet, gauntlet and etc. to project the rest of his I'm trying to think of what it could possibly look like as an action figure or as maquette.

Since people that know me, knows that I'm a sucker for clear parts and glow in the dark stuff, I kinda wanted a bunch of clear parts for this character if DC was to ever make an action figure or maquette of him.

:iconphillybee: liked the idea and took it to the finished level that appeared on the show.
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I still don't understand the old school Flash fans that didn't like this design.
His New 52 revamp is cool, and all... A good take on the classic...

But man, this design was awesome. A total visual reimagining that still respected the classic design. So rad.
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Thanks, man! I appreciate it.
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YOU designed Mirror Master? AWESOME!!!!
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I did this initial concept for the DVD..Phil Bourassa took it to the finished stage.
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Still, that's pretty damn awesome. :D
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Wicked design!
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Ah, my favorite Flash villain! Well done!
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I loved Doom so much, and this guy took nine levels in badass, thanks to you. :XD:
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Thank you very much! Glad you liked Doom!
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Anytime. Definitely one of my favorite movies!
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i have to say they had a pretty good cast evan with the cheetha
Capital-Zero's avatar
I agree. It was a very well-cast movie! :)
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and they evan got back the cast from justice league and justice league unlimate that was cool as well
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Awesome design, buddy.
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i think they shold have bruce campbell as mirror master in young jsutice
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That would be cool to see!
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Great design.... Bruce Timm really knows what hes doing!
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