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Batwing 3

Here's the design for the Batwing that we went with. I wanted a smaller than usual batwing...a one-seater that was compact. I also wanted the wings to fold like a bat when it was hanging in the batcave.

Japan wanted the design for the we gave them one. But they ended up not boarding a sequence with instead, :iconnotthepornstar: inserted a tiny, short part with the Batwing flying out of the batcave.
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fucking awesome
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sweet..looks like you had fun. love the wings
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I love it! Especially the folding wings! But I think its strange that the wings are turned OUTWARDS, not inwards or sideways like usual.
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Thanks. I looked at the Grumman X-29 for inspiration for the forward swept wings.
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Now that is sick
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I loved the Batwing in this one and the scene with the Batwing leaving the cave. Wasn't too happy with the Batmobile's "hot-rod" style, though.
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Sorry. Wish we could please everyone.
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True, true. Tastes always differ. Still, thank you for putting all the artwork you made. It's great for aspiring artists. :)
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I love this design, a shame they didn't show it off a bit more :-) The wing folding feature is really cool, looks totally badass, that one scene when he "drops off" is really a kick ! Thanks for sharing those, they are all super cool.
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