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Mint Dew

Mint Dew!
Download is 2560x1600

Mint Dew
Was chosen the default wallpaper in the brand new:
Linux Mint 7 - Gloria!
Thanks to Clem for the great honor!
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Mint-flavored Mountain Dew.... now, THAT would be a new "Dewmocracy" flavor they ought to try...
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Wow, that happens to be the current wallpaper on my Linux Mint partition. Awesome job!
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It is so brilliant, I might have it as a desktop until I die.
Best desktop I ever saw.
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I wish to publish your wallpaper on

On the site i'll put a preview, the download and credit link will come here to your deviant art page.
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Sure, go ahead! :)
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awesome work. I use Linux mint Gloria! I loved this wallpaper!
Any chance for the layered .xcf? I was trying to create a wallpaper (for Mint, of course)with my logo but your base image. All credit would go to you for the final thingymawhatsit.
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Love how you did the raindrops! Nice done ;)
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I first saw this wallpaper on my friends mint and i fell in love :D Its AWESOME!
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:bow: Thanks!
I'm glad you like it!
Zwopper thanks a lot man for making my wish come true, i am now using your wallpaper as my default one on my os archlinux.

Thanks again buddy!!!!!!!

Guys check out his work it's truly the mark of a great artist!
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:blush: :blush: :blush:
Thank you!
:bow: :bow: :bow:
Wow ^_^

Well if you could sir, i'd love to have:

1. the original one just without the the mint logo (green/lime is it?)

2. semi-transparent? yes please

3. And if you could something in blue?

If you don't have the time/don't feel like it, point number 1 is the one I crave before everything else :)

Thanks a lot man

Tack så jättemycket, kul att se så duktiga konstnärer som du, och som samtidigt tycker om att dela med sig av sin grymma konst.

Edit: typos (i'm on the run (work)
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Here you go!

Due to popular demand and repeated requests I now release unbranded versions of my "Dew" wallpapers.

Hi! Yes indeed it's a great piece of art. But where is this so called "naked" source at? I use another linux distro then mint so i really don't fancy having a fat mint logo on the wall.

Zwopper would you please be so kind and provide a clean/naked/non-branded version (no mint logo) of this fine wallpaper?

Thank You :)
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Any specific color, or would you like it to be semi-transparent?
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Thank you for also providing a naked one for non mint users =)
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You're welcome!
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I love this wallpaper :)
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:bow: :bow: :bow: Thank you very much!
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