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Doomguy And Cacobaby

Now for something totally different.

This is a style that i experimented with to see how effective it could be, and overall it has a greater sense of motion, charm and it excites the eyes. I got the style inspiration from Themrock, one of DA's best artists (in my own opinion) and i can safely say i can understand why he creates in this form, because it's a lot of fun.

Anywho, this is another piece requested by the Doom community.

Image © - Craig Farndell

Doom © - id Software
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fluffy little baby cacodemons
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It was nice knowing you.
The-Last-Wimbleton's avatar
Maybe DooMguy could tame this cacodemon baby, and use it as a faithful companion @ the UAC.
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Love it! Cute little cacos, who wouldn't want one as a pet! Love the whole style of it where Doomguy's and the crate's limbs are wobbly and warped. Very fun to look at!
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tomatoes for sale...
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as long as he feeds it souls he shouldnt have a problem :)
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Imagine when it will grow in its adult form...
doom marine's gonna have trouble
but it must be the perfect jehova's witness repellent
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want it. lol
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this is the ugliest puppy i ever seen on my life!
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My goodness, isn't that strangely adorable? I think so. XD
Everything sure is slithering and wonky, but it's exciting indeed. Awesome work! :D
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Awwwww how cute :)

great fan art :)
TrenchCloakFigure's avatar
Wheres the pet food?
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