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Plague Doctor Mask

For Spamspamspam
Okay so heres my first ever attempt at a leather plague doctor's mask.
First Spam and I took life casts of our faces. On the life cast I sculpted a beak, from there I taped up the sculpt. I then cut the tape into pattern pieces and transfered it to paper. I tweaked the pattern a little then cut out the pieces. It's held together with leather lace. We then moulded the leather to the shape of Spam's delicious face. I painted it with acrylic paints to give it that rustic look and filled wide gaps that were created when we inserted the lenses with some clay. I then painted that shit up.
Oh, Spam's mask has only a little leather on the bottom pattern piece cause she wants to breathe...cause she's some kind of freak.

Yaayayya now I get to start mine!
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where can I find the template for a cool one like this? 
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What are the eyes made out of?
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This is very cool. I'm trying to get a mask started but I cannot figure out how to get the underside shape right that will cause the sides to stick out.
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very cool! i want to lern how to shape the leather and harden it..i love plague drs.
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any special clue needed to form the hard round shape like that? amazing...
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If you could kindly lend a hand and instruct me as to how to construct one of similar make, I would be really grateful for even the slightest hint. This mask is by far the best one I have ever seen. Others look bulky and short, cumbersome and awkward. Long have I searched for one with a beak as slender, narrow, and long as yours, and this one is perfect.
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I am now going to beg shamelessly for a tutorial!!!!!!!!

I have been hired to be a Renaissance Faire performer for this year and we get to create our own characters. I desperately want to be a plague doctor but all the masks are far too expensive to afford. I need to be able to make a sturdy one that will last about 3 months of long weekends.

Help a girl out! I want to convince people their going to die before they leave the faire!
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This is amazing work. Real craft persons ship. I'm working on a similar project for a project, Do you have a set of templates?
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Dud that's so Cool
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Awesome! Do you have a pattern you could share, by any chance?
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My god! How did you do that?! (Me want!)
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Hello, i am an actor, and stage play writer, who is writing a steampunk play. One of the characters wears a plague doctor mask but cant find a template or make my own. Is there a way you can explain to me how to make it, or keep me updated if you decide to sell them. thank you for your time.
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Reminds me i need to do something with those gas mask lenses i have from a fallen apart gas mask.
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i want this o.o
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I might make some to sell. If I ever get around to it I'll let you know!
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