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I've decided to stop with this account. My new stuff can be found at

Bye :D
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Hey, my new black metal project Vide is pretty smashing. I used to have a band, but we broke up. So now I do it all myself, and since i can't play guitar or drums and stuff, I decided to make some digital music. Here is a little preview:

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  • Reading: De Roos van de Profeet book II
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As you might have noticed, I like to color someone else his/her stuff. Why?

It's because the art is ten times better then my own art. When you're coloring someone else his stuff .. it feels really relaxing because you know it will become something nice. Even when you screw up coloring, it still will look nice because of the aweseome lines haha.

But! I'm going to update my gallery with new stuff I've drawn. I think I'm getting better at it. I've learned a lot about proportions and perspective by just looking to all the other art here on DA. It works for me :)

Will upload some stuff soon!
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A couple of weeks ago I recieved an e-mail from a dude who whas browsing the internet and found an image gallery on a forum of some guy.

This guy colored my Bikini-chick-lineart thing, and that is ok .. but he claimed the lineart being his work and when someone commented it like

'whow, amazing lines!'

he was like

'yeah, I'm drawing like this since not so long ago'

When I found this out thanks to the e-mail-dude .. I laughed my ass off. I can not imagine that someone acts like this! I e-mailed the gallery dude to remove the image. He knew he was wrong and did this without any problems.

This gallery also contained some other colored linearts and also these images are deleted after my mail.

Stupid silly people.