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-Nisekoi- Marika

Not my best girl, but how can you NOT love her??? ♥ ♥ ♥

Chitoge best girl *runs*

Now don't get me wrong, Onodera is adorable as fuck and Tsugumi is just ♥ ♥ the only girl I can say that I don't like is Yui :P
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So kawaii ; such beautiful colours 
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I really like this and wanna use it for my tumblr. I'll give you proper credit and everything.
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Oh my gosh this is super cute :D

And I agree with all of your opinions on the girls hahah
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She's so cuuuuuuuuute Marika best girl!
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... They're all so cute, though...
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they really are though, the only one I can say that I don't really like is the 4th girl :/ (if you haven't read the manga)
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Hehehe thanks x3
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my pleasure fellow deviant
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Ahhh, this is so amazing and so adorable!
I am on team Onodera, but Chitoge is a close second! 
Marika is just hilarious, but at times she gets on my nerves... I wonder why though.
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Thank you! And yea she does everything to get Raku even if it annoys the others x'D Onodera is a close second to me ;3;
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No problem!
Yeah, I don't know a lot of people who ship Marika, Yui, or Tsumugi.
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I've seen alot of Tsugumi and a but of Marika but seen leastbof Yui :3
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Ooh. I didn't think Yui was all that bad at first, but then she just got progressively worse.
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Yeah same, she kinda gets on my nerves lol xD do you think the manga is starting to end??
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XD I know what you mean. She just seems really cunning and sneaky like.
Yeah, I am pretty sure it is. SPOILER ALERT!!!
Because Chitoge is moving and I think Raku is experiencing unexpected emotions (love?) for her.
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I am like so excited just AAAH OMG though this is nisekoi manga so you really don't know but like omgomg lol
It would be cool if they did like short different ending to if he ended up with marika or onodera etc xD
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Team Chitogee :'D xD
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so beautiful!! :heart: I love the glow ^^
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Thank you! :'3
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can i use this as a page doll?
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If you credit me, sure! ^^
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