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:iconzutzucrobat55:ZutzuCrobat55 posted a status
Hey guys. I just had this realization a few hours ago while editing...I'm the only person working on these projects....

....It was at that very moment when I realized the central issue I was dealing with. I tried scheduling videos & posting consistently due to my desire to have growth on my channel. Truth be told, I'm a lover of TV and it's inner workings. In some ways I wanted to emulate some of TV's ways....they always plan out shows in advance, for better or worse and always put stuff in production early so they're ready to air their respective projects. The thing is...I'm only one person & can only do so much. I finally get it now...I'm overworking for no reason and have been hurting myself since 2013 with AXC's scheduling.

So I've decided that NONE of my shows will be coming out in bulk anymore. I already got rid of the general scheduling of videos but now it's become apparent that I need to work on these shows at my own pace. Make no mistake, all of my shows have specific days they come out & will consistently come out on said days upon completion of an episode. Much like AXC, I'm working on my projects per episode. I'm done scheduling & expecting to get whole seasons done. Production (writing, scripting, powerpoints, recording, etc.) won't change...doing those in bulk will remain the same. As for actual editing, I'll do that at my own pace for the purpose of giving you guys what you love much quicker but with much better quality since my focus will solely be on one episode at a time.

I'm moving forward guys & I can't thank you enough for being patient with me. ^_^

With that said....I'll see you all tonight @ 8pm. Actually, Thomas & co will see you tonight @ 8...I'll be at work ;)

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InfernapeMaster64 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm glad to hear that you figured that out buddy.
SusanLucarioFan16 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
well it's good your realizing stuff
MusicalMeloetta Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2016   General Artist
:) at least your trying and sorry can't make it doing a livestream heh
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