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:iconzutzucrobat55:ZutzuCrobat55 posted a status
Thoughts on Micheal545's latest episode of TPE:

It was...decent to say the least. As usual the comedy was spot on, the plots (some of them) from last episode have progressed & certain characters became slightly relevant. We scored a nice evolution & some actual development on Swoobat's end. I absolutely despised Swoobat because he was nothing more than a follower...but after watching him in this one, I feel bad for the guy. He's just very lonely & lost faith in himself. Here's hoping he can bounce back from that. Also a round of applause for Rhydon FINALLY achieving relevance & coming up with his clever plan to make himself known. The challenge was lackluster as hell & it's execution was piss poor. The elimination was...meh. I didn't necessarily see it coming but I also couldn't care as much since not much thought was put into it.

Overall, I found this episode to be a decent sequel to episode 6. I'm still on board for now but would like it if Micheal could work a little harder on the plotting & execution of it all along with the eliminations. The challenges could also be a little better. TPE is ok but definitely has an uphill battle ahead if it hopes to get better or match TPI's quality. I have faith it can get better ^_^

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