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:iconzutzucrobat55:ZutzuCrobat55 posted a status

Starting today I'm ONLY putting TPI's on the scoreboard. The reason for this is because of how often sideshows/action shows last. Their reputation is flimsy at best & with new shows popping up out the wood works, I feel uneasy about putting them on the board if they run the risk of not being continued.

Don't take this the wrong way but I've noticed the influx of new action/sideshows as of late. I'm happy that a lot of you are going forth with these....but a lot of you either have a TPI in limbo or have yet to debut said TPI. This doesn't pertain to all of you but it's become apparent that this sudden desire to do a sideshow is growing & turning into the inevitable...a bandwagon. Again, I'm ecstatic that TEC won't be alone anymore but I'd like it if focus was on your TPI (if you have one that is) first before going forward with another series. Take it from personal experience guys...I have 3...3 SHOWS in production at the moment...and it's tough keeping up with them. Hell before AXC's reboot existed, it was rough just dealing with TNR & TEC. What I'm saying's a balancing act of multi-tasking that I don't recommend going forward. Stick with one show & at least finish a season THEN tackle another show. Don't do what I did & kick off several shows simply because you can. One project at a time.

Now before I go....I've also added the monthly Total Drama reviews to the scoreboard as well. Feel free to check for updates on those as well. Also this needs to be said....typically at the end of my reviews, I state that I'll either stop watching your show or come back at some given point. If I say I'm not coming back, I mean that...but that doesn't I'm done keeping track of your show altogether.

Apologies for the long ass status update xD....I didn't plan this to be so long....but a lot was on the brain. of luck to all of you on your action/sideshows....may they all make it past the pilot & actually continue ^_^

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CaeusDoom Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Even though I'm exited about my new show. I wont post any new episodes apart from sneak peeks here is DA (and the prologue) before I atleast come back with my TPI. (Its been awhile)..
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