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:iconzutzucrobat55:ZutzuCrobat55 posted a status
Guys I'm all for others doing reviews as it allows for more perspectives on an episode most of us have seen or give us insight on what someone other than myself thinks of clichés & other TPI topics. My issue is the lack of consistency with those who say they'd like to review. I understand school comes first for most of you but if I've learned anything from trying to do everything at once it's not setting yourself up with crazy expectations. Think about it, people who you said you're going to review are now expecting it to some degree. Maybe not all of them, but the majority of them are especially if you let them know. I know people aren't really consistent with episodes either but it's important that you as the reviewer try your best to stay consistent so in the event that they actually see your reviews, they actually know that you're watching and they look to you for advice.

If I wasn't as consistent as I try to be with everything I do, would you still come to me for advice? Food for thought ^_^

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