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Season Two Official Series Logo [2018] - READ DESC by ZutzuCrobat55 Season Two Official Series Logo [2018] - READ DESC by ZutzuCrobat55
"The Show That Almost Never Happened"

Ladies & Gentlemen, I'd like to show you my next series. Now instead of telling me to not start another show, let's read all of this first. I'm not starting another least not until Series 2 & AXC conclude proper. Both shows are set to finish up in 2017/early 2018. TEC hasn't been forgotten but the less I say about that the me ;)

Anyways, THIS is my next major project that's scheduled to sit alongside TEC in the near future. I've been working on this series since 2011. It's a passion project & means a lot to me. This project has gone through quiet production for the past 6 years & will now see the light of day. THIS IS SEASON TWO!

So what is Season Two Telly?

Good question!

Synopsis: A rag tag group of underdogs struggle to keep their show afloat & make the cut for renewal. Follow showrunners Tripp & Taylor Draco along with their cast + crew on an adventure through Tinsel Town.

I'm REALLY excited for this project & have big plans for it. It's a full on comedy mixed with some drama. I've never done comedy alone so it'll be a nice change of pace. Now once again, don't expect ANY other updates for this series until TNR Series 2 & AXC both come to an end. Until then....enjoy this logo ^_^
2319mi Featured By Owner May 17, 2017
Interesting...i'm looking forward to it!
CaeusDoom Featured By Owner May 16, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
This seems like an interesting premise.
Something not really done before. (Kinda.)
I'm pumped to see how this turns out.
StardustLive5 Featured By Owner May 16, 2017   Digital Artist
Wow, nice logo.
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