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Disclaimer: If you don't get what the joke is, then you probably need to improve your grammar.


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Based on "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" by Lauren Faust.
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Spike, you should run

I’m serious

shes gonna kill ya

Narumi-Naru's avatar
And then, everyone died.
Dragonwolf6000's avatar
You mad twilight? 

Haha very funny
rexthebest2233's avatar
i didn't realize the joke till a read the description i saw grammar and im like "oh right it should be you're not your"
OctaScratchRock's avatar
"Spike, you're fired."
TheCatkitty's avatar
Yes, YES! It. Is. Truly. Wonderful <3
SP33DCxRE--SLvT's avatar
oml. thIS IS SO FUNNY-
amoreira123's avatar
pudgelover2's avatar
If you're suicidal, the best way to die is to piss off a grammar nazi.
TheQuirkyUnicorn's avatar
It took me awhile to get that she was pissed off because he spelled it wrong.
SafetyThird's avatar
As far as I'm concerned, this is cannon.
wilnet1tractor's avatar
Twilight: You, got Rarity, pregnant? Why I ought to.........
 She grabs casterating tools, and now, she's chasing her former number one assistant. ;)
CJCroen's avatar
I feel Twilight's pain XD
Zarcan's avatar
Twi thinking : contest that what he wrote is wrong!!! or let it slidee........GNGngngngngngngng!!!!!
yea, biggest deathlock debate happening inside her head
Scyphi's avatar
Spike, you troll. :P
Two-time spelling bee champion, can confirm triggered. :P
Kyoshyu's avatar
Way to trigger Twilight...
ooklah's avatar
gmrnNO's avatar
I decided to do this at school, and it triggered EVERYONE. I was Happy.
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