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Press E to Annoy

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Published: July 2, 2017
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Anyone else here who mains medic?

I realized shortly before finishing this that I'm really late to the joke, but nonetheless, this kind of behaviour stood out to me when I recently got into playing TF2 a bit more regularly. I had a number of situations where I was following someone and healing them, and they still kept on spamming the "Medic!" command. Like, I'm right here healing you AND you're already at max health, what the hell do you want from me still?


:bulletgreen: Inkscape SVG file: sta.sh/01jq5twzvd1r

This vector was created from scratch in Inkscape, using only a mouse and no sketches of any kind.


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Based on "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" by Lauren Faust and on "Team Fortress 2" by Valve Corporation.
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Honestly, I never play medic in TF2, which strangely I seem to do well in other games with medics.
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Medic Fluttershy: WOULD YOU CLAM UP?!?!
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SMemeG4Hobbyist Digital Artist
I main both Soldier and Scout. (Mostly scout.)
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RhiTESHobbyist General Artist
Press E to annoy and press B to blow.
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Me: Here use a dispenser. 
Random player: Thank you. *leaves to fight.*
Medic: Schweinhund! I just got here to heal him! And you already healed him?!
Me: You're not the only healer on the battlefield son.
Medic: Dumkopoh. *leaves*
Me: Not even so much as a thank you my hard hatted friend. how. I just did his job and he complained about it. 

(Just something random that popped into my head seein' this. I'm an Engie main. Medic is my second choice. 
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as a medic main i actually grateful for engie's dispenser if theres alot people i have to heal its really helpful
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Press R to Reload
Press E to Annoy

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deadwire765Student Digital Artist
I main medic and I know this very well.

It's so annoying XD
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Reminds me of Madagascar 2, where the hula girl doll gets her head shot off, & the skipper yells MEDIC!!
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Casual tf2 problems

I love casual <3
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JohnnyHorseHobbyist Digital Artist
If you have the crossbow and they keep doing that, just crossbow them and move on.
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RodriguezRacer456Hobbyist Artist
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SkulY2KHobbyist Digital Artist
Achievement unlocked: Hypochondriac
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Every TF2 match ever!
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Jack-Rabbit2Hobbyist Artist
This is why I don't play Medic.
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trekatuHobbyist Artist
i mained the one the only champion of health...then i stopped playing tf2.
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jyroman53Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aaaah F2Ps they never fail to amaze me
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