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My Mario Royale Character Skins

By ZuTheSkunk
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If you haven't heard, a while ago someone created a Super Mario Bros. Battle Royale online browser game. Yes, the game is still alive, and it's available here:

At a certain point, the people behind the game started allowing people to submit their own character skins, and I decided to give it a try. I ultimately ended up with 6 characters skins shown above, ALL of which are officially part of the game now.

Turns out making pixel art is surprisingly easy to make it look good when all you have to work with is 16x16 blocks. Guess that's why there's so many indie games with retro pixel graphics...

For those of you who might be having trouble finding the character skins in the selection menu:

Toriel - page 1 of 1
Rayman - page 1 of 1
Judy - page 1 of 1
Monika - page 1 of 1
Boggy B - page 2 of 1
Baldi - page 2 of 1
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Bowser the koopa king: Oh hell no! <8(

Mario the mushroom hero: Yeah go tell them to kick his butt, by telling so long-ay bowser! >:)

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Super Gaming Hero Universe
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How can you create sprite and submit I really want to know

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Most of the activity surrounding the game and the skin submission process happens in the Discord chat, which you can access through the link on the game's main page (and no, you don't need to install anything to access it, just need to make an account). Simply ask the people there how to do this and they should be able to explain everything to you in all the detail you need. :)
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This looks quite fun. I checked out the game but couldn't find the Judy model.
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It's on the second page.
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Ah okay, thank you. :) This seems like quite a fun game!!! How did you find this? Also, great work on the Judy Hopps skin! She looks amazing and it is so much fun playing as her in the game. :D 
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The game actually managed to get quite popular on YouTube a few weeks back, that's where I learned about it from. :) And thanks!
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I'll have to check some videos out. I'm really enjoying playing as Judy in the game, even if I'm absolutely terrible at it lol. How did you make the characters for the game by the way? 
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I took the template they have available on the Discord chat, and simply messed around with pixels in PaintDotNet program. :)
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Ah okay. Maybe I should try and make Nick Wilde then to accompany Judy Hopps lol. XD Again, you did a great job with the sprites you made. :) 
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This is so fucking cool
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I like the look Boggy B & Baldi.
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Those are sum great choices in characters, haha. hadn't heard of this game before but sounds like a blast, nice work adding to the fun!
what is that cropped out on the left side of the screen, cuz I want to say that looks like Isabelle ;p
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Thanks! :)

Yes, it's Isabelle. I did make a character skin of her, but it turned out someone else was already working on her too and submitted their own, near identical version a few hours later, and theirs looked better, so...
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X'D Sorry to hear you were beaten to the punch so aptly Zu, but still, nice that you offered up a whole grab-bag of new selections!
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I think I actually know them all.  :D
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Just send Baldi alone and Bowser would be screwed
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Where do I sign up? I could submit my SpongeBob sprites there....
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