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MLP Resource: Queen Faust 01

By ZuTheSkunk

~Mixermike622 made a brilliant, show-accurate design for Faust's OC, but never released it in a satisfying resolution, so I thought that I can as well make it myself. All credit for body shape and design of mane&tail go to Mixermike622. I came up with my own design for wings, because I realized that each alicorn in the show (Celestia, Luna and Nightmare Moon) has a unique wing model, and thus giving Celestia's wings to Faust didn't seem appropriate to me.


:bulletgreen: Separate - Idle pose (top), no wings: PNG ; Inkscape SVG
:bulletgreen: Separate - Idle pose (top), wings folded: PNG ; Inkscape SVG
:bulletgreen: Separate - Idle pose (top), wings spread: PNG ; Inkscape SVG

:bulletgreen: Separate - "Hello there" pose (middle), no wings: PNG ; Inkscape SVG
:bulletgreen: Separate - "Hello there" pose (middle), wings folded: PNG ; Inkscape SVG
:bulletgreen: Separate - "Hello there" pose (middle), wings spread: PNG ; Inkscape SVG

:bulletgreen: Separate - "U MAD?" pose (bottom), no wings: PNG ; Inkscape SVG
:bulletgreen: Separate - "U MAD?" pose (bottom), wings folded: PNG ; Inkscape SVG
:bulletgreen: Separate - "U MAD?" pose (bottom), wings spread: PNG ; Inkscape SVG

:bulletgreen: Separate - wings, hair, eye and colour scheme: PNG ; Inkscape SVG
:bulletgreen: Separate - cutie mark:…

:bulletgreen: Original version by ~Mixermike622:…

(20.07.2012) Updated into an actual vector. I made some small alterations in the design and the way things were drawn, like altering the eye to have a better colour and to have a black outline around the entirety of it (since as *tygerbug pointed out, Lauren Faust uses an eyeliner), slightly increasing the size of Faust's head (it seemed a bit too small in the original), improving the placement of the legs, moving the horn behind the second line in the hair instead of the first (since the original placement didn't make much sense when you took Faust's head shape into account) or updating Faust's cutie mark into colours from my Faustilicious.


:iconyouareplz::iconallowedplz: :iconnoncommercial1plz::iconnoncommercial2plz:
Based on :devMixermike662:'s design (… ). Cutie mark by *The-Smiling-Pony (… ).
Based on 
"My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" by Lauren Faust.
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© 2011 - 2021 ZuTheSkunk
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Since this is a resource it has to be categorized as one, not as a scrap.-
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I’ve converted three of the SVG images to Illustrator—the wings-folded versions. Would you like copies of those .ai files?

If you’re interested in seeing how I used the vector art, you can take a look at the little cartoon I’ve posted.
ZuTheSkunk's avatar
Of course, I'd love to have these AI files. Thank you very much for working on them! :)
CatspawDTP's avatar
Okay—I’ll drop you a note with a link to a zip archive containing the three files!
CatspawDTP's avatar
Alas, the SVG files are completely unusable in my software of choice, Adobe Illustrator. I tried opening them in CS5, CS6, CC, and CC2014 to no avail.
ZuTheSkunk's avatar
This is because Inkscape and Adobe Illustrator are often incompatible due to different ways of accomplishing various tasks. I would have to go an extra mile to make this compatible with AI.
CatspawDTP's avatar
Is there any intermediary you know of that doesn’t involve downloading something so one can download something else to make some other thing work?
Tim015's avatar
Do you mean a conversion tool for SVG to Ai? Because unfortunately none exist that would do a clean job and still retain usability. As Zu stated, it is up to the artist to create SVG v1.1 that is compatible with Illustrator, which can be awfully tedious.
CatspawDTP's avatar
Okay, actually it turned out to be a little more complicated. I had to recolor the individual vector shapes, using the RGB values I captured from the PDF files before converting them to Illustrator. Tedious, but not horrible. Fortunately the number of shapes and of colors is limited, which no doubt is not accidental—likely it’s one way the show’s art staff keeps from going insane.
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Well actually the show's producers do not use SVG as a working format. They use flash predominately, and Illustrator. These two software are fairly compatible, so I doubt any issues would be had in regards to colors and the such.
Regardless, I was right in saying there is no clean way to convert an Inkscape SVG into Illustrator SVG unless the artist has specifically made them to be compatible. Beleive me, I have tried on numerous occasions when critiquing submissions.
CatspawDTP's avatar
I wasn’t claiming the show staff uses SVG. I am, and have been for years, fully aware that their primary tools are Flash and Illustrator, and that the output format for each frame is PNG.

I was stating that, regardless of software or format, reducing complexity by minimizing the numbers of shapes and colors in use is a good way to save time, effort, and sanity. It definitely made the process of reworking an Inkscape SVG file for use in Illustrator less obnoxious than it could have been.

I also was not arguing in any way that said conversion is easy or that a simple alternative exists. The very messages to which you responded discussed exactly how not-easy it was, and posed the question of whether, if a direct conversion wasn’t feasible, an indirect method was possible by taking the art through an intermediate or alternative format.
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I wasnt arguing with you at any stage. I am perfectly aware of alternative methods. I've been using Illustrator for almost 6 years, so I've had previous experience with these issues.

My responses however, were written in response to your original comment regarding the immediate use of a Inkscape SVG file format within Illustrator without reconstruction of the said SVG.
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Any method that would result in a format, such as EPS or vector PDF, I can open in Illustrator—and wouldn’t involve multiple downloads due to dependencies (especially for a program I’m not likely to use more than once)—would be fine.

After some experimentation, I did discover a rather kludgy work-around: Open the SVG file in Safari, use the “Export as PDF” command, and open the resulting PDF file in Illustrator. It isn’t perfect: Illustrator complains about an unknown shading type, and if there are layers in the SVG file, those aren’t preserved, for instance. However, the vectors and appearance seem to come through fine.

I’m a bit put out that Preview doesn’t open SVG files. That would solve the problem neatly.
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My theory is she kinda gave her queen status to Celestia and became Goddess-Empress...
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Excellent rendition of Fausticorn!
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Used <a href"[link]">here.

Hi I'm doing an analysis video on MLP and I need a vector of fausticorn for a part of what I'm doing. Would you mind if I used yours? I'm not doing this professionally but I would like to have monetisation switched on which would go against your "Non-commercial purposes" rule unless you give me permission.
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I believe this is fine. You have my permission, just remember to link back to deviation. It would also be nice if you posted a link to the video when you're done. :)
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*Gasp* Queen Faust! *Bows* :iconbowplz:
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Lauren Faust la amamos
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