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Jumping in the Sunlight


This little thing here is a retake on what was essentially my very first pony picture ever made - a wallpaper featuring a very crappy trace of Applebloom, which I created over two years ago, on April 9th, 2011.

This technically makes Applebloom the first pony I ever worked on, and in consequence, the one who started my journey through the brony fandom.

Thank you, Applebloom. Thank you for being the one who started it all.

PS: I prefer this spelling of her name, whether it's official or not.


:bulletgreen: High resolution PNG image:

:bulletgreen: Inkscape SVG file:

This vector was created from scratch in Inkscape, using only a mouse and no sketches of any kind.


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Based on "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" by Lauren Faust.
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Apple Bloom: ♫ "I'm jumping on sunshine! Woah!" ♫ xD
FaithFirefly's avatar
Used here for my commentary outro. :D… Thanks!!
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Be like Applebloom and bounce!
RDsFilly-Stormcloud's avatar
Livin in the sunlight, lovin in the moonlight, having a wonderful time. Do do do do da de do~ MadnessAbe had the same idea as me :3

xSaraSweetPuppy's avatar
That`s right!She is adorable!
deli73123's avatar
She's so cute =D
Smaoi's avatar
You are so good at art! Omg
Gadgetphile's avatar
Great. Now I'm going to wonder how it's spelled. (According to the guidebook it's one word but the official Ipad app spells it both "Apple Bloom" AND "Applebloom".) Gaahh. I'm going to get a rough sleep.
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can i make this into a base
MadnessAbe's avatar
Livin' in the Sunlight
Lovin' in the Moonlight
Having a wonderful time!
Sandvichguy1's avatar
Living in the sunlight, having a wonderful time! Sorry, had to.
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it's cute. keep up the good art!
TweetyBelle's avatar

Escuse me while i grab 3,0000000 shots of insuline :D
Sersys's avatar
this is just god damn adorable
Happygal5697's avatar
I don't see how the name, whether it is Applebloom or Apple Bloom, changes anything. It's the same letters in the same order and its a gorgeous picture! :D
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exactly, I usually call her AB
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Blackvegetable's avatar
Look at her... so happy and cute! :aww:
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So Apple Bloom was the first pony you ever drew and you're grateful to her for introducing you to bronydom, huh? Then maybe you should learn to spell her name right!

Anyway, nice picture.
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I prefer Applebloom, I always did. It's more consistent with Applejack and simply reads better.
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