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Helltaker: Beelzebub Dancing Sprite

By ZuTheSkunk
Helltaker is a free game about a guy who goes to hell to assemble his personal harem of demon girls. The game garnered a considerable following, thanks to kickass music, great artwork, quirky humor, and likable characters.

Each of the characters in the game has a sprite of them dancing to the rhythm of the music... except Beelzebub, the secret character. Some people said they wanted Beelzebub to also have a sprite like this, so I thought "why not" and tried making it.

Animation is not my strong suit, so the motion could probably be better, but oh well, I tried.

Download the individual frames of the animation here:…
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Next Sprite Comrade !! B-)

Vexat Helltaker Sprite
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hey! how did you do this please?^^

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@ZuTheSkunk I was inspired and send her herewith i send Beelzebub a Comrade in Red-Clothes Arms >; )

Arkay Helltaker Sprite
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What program you guys use to make this? I wanna try it out too but dunno where to start.

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This moving Artwork was done by the kind and amazing Artist " Lumanic " ; )


You must ask him ; ) i don't know how exactly he made it and what for Programs he used.

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Thanks alot for the help!

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And so... what the programs please?^^'

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You're welcome ; )

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Beelzebub best girl!

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She is the cuttest one. I love her.
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Hey this is really good.

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Beelzebub secretly best girl.

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It's funny when she started sweating over explaining "how" she made her Castle :XD:

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You have nothing but talent in your bones and I salute you.

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They be groovin'
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Haters gonna hate.

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The hear the same music in hell and they all bop their heads to it in the same manner XD

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