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By ZuTheSkunk
I made this a long time ago to be uploaded to KnowYourMeme's reaction image gallery. Seeing how galleries there tend to bury older pictures after a while, it occurred to me that I could very well just upload it here, in case anyone wants to use it.
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Glaber's avatar
I know 2 things this could be used for on Twitter already.
angeld11's avatar
Brother hows you life going

Hero361's avatar
How do i save this and keep the animation intact? There wouldnt happen to be other versions of this with the bar gradually rising past each point or throbbing still on each level in the future?
ZuTheSkunk's avatar
I'm pretty sure you should be able to download the animated GIF by simply using the Download button on the right.

I'm unfortunately not planning to make additional versions, sorry. But thanks for the interest. :)
Hero361's avatar
dang, alrighty, i'll get to making a gif folder today and save it there, might be funny to have this in vids if i can figure out how that works. Thanks for the funny
ZuTheSkunk's avatar
Actually, if you want to try making the animations yourself, then you can have the parts of the meter as individual pieces:
Hero361's avatar
Ooh thank you, now to figure out how to actually do that lol
laszlo-toth's avatar
To measure some DA artists, i think we need a plus FUBAR (fucked up beyond all repair) level.
zenitraMsj's avatar
Oh, that is a blast from the past. Thank you Snafoo.
zenitraMsj's avatar
So it's not a TRUMP-O-METER......ok.
NelsonDemifur's avatar
I'm pretty sure they need to fix that....for the 9th time this year at least
TheDreamSage's avatar
I mean, it can have multi functions, I don't see why you can't consider it as that too. XD
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