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ZKWK15 - D7 - Maelstrom

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This year's personal overall theme is alternate avatar universe set in Joseon Dynasty Korea in the storytelling style of sageuks annnnddd.....honestly it's mostly an excuse to draw some zutara in hanbok outfits. heheheeeee~ 

Maelstrom, a whirlpool, a violent state of movement. 

ZK sageuk story:

Despite having his crown prince title returned to him, Zuko learned that being king was not the life he wanted. He suggested instead to be a confidant to the true crown prince, his cousin Lu Ten. Zuko's mission was to find his missing cousin whom the court tried to dispose of when they were children. The court ministers were highly turbulent and disruptive to the point King Ozai had to resign so Lu Ten can bring in new ministers. Since Lu Ten reclaimed the throne, Zuko and Katara were finally together. Zuko remained a prince while Katara became his one and only princess. Together, they helped King Prince Lu Ten make a better world for their subjects. They lived in love, for the rest of their days. The End. 
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This is breathtaking!:heart: The story, the outfits, your drawing style, their expressions! I love everything about this!

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i'd watch this drama!
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This whole series has been so amazing omygoodness!! 
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Awww, I loved this series, and I'm SUCH a fan of Joseon Dynasty clothes and stories! :)
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They are wearing Korean clothes! lol :D (Big Grin) 
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This would be amazing as a full length fanfic! I wasn't expecting the goal of Zuko's mission to be finding Lu Ten either, what a great twist!

The details on their hanbok are soooo beautiful! For Katara you incorporated the two versions of the Water Tribe symbols and the Fire Nation symbol right? And Zuko has a dragon on his! It's nice that you portrayed them as much older and happily together. Idk, this just makes me smile from all the Zutara feels. Great job with Zutara Week 2015!!
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i wish i could expand it too! 7 images for a story about almost an entire lifetime is simply not enough.
Hey, its an alternate universe, anything goes XD (within reason of course)

Yes for Katara's designs, most royal hanboks for women incorporated flower motifs and phoenixes but i wanted it to stay true to Avatar so i put those in. Zuko's was a bit harder since it was difficult to find non-crown prince (they're blue with silver & gold shoulder patches) outfits but they still had a dragon on them to show they're a prince.  

thank you! 
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This was absolutely beautiful! What a fun way to celebrate Zutara week! I love this sequence!
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I loved this whole week you did. You artwork and images where amazing. The words were represented perfectly; and I LOVED the story you told of Zutara through the week. It was just absolutely amazing how everything fit together. Thank-you for this week of Zutara story telling. I wish it didn't have to end ^^"
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thank you! most definitely i wish i could expand it but i think i'd just be too tired (since i had other things to do during the week). Some parts were just too much to be shown in one picture and there were other parts of the story i wanted to draw too. Oh wellls~ 
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Well; the parts you managed to get done were wonderful. I understand expanding it would make you tired lol. But was happy to see what you did ^^"
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This was the best sequenced told story this week
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I absolutely have LOVED seeing your pieces for Zutara Week 2015. I studied and have been immersed in Korean culture for many years, so I love the traditional hanboks and hairstyles and saeguk. You translated the story seemlessly into another East Asian culture not often portrayed in Avatar, and the pieces were just gorgeous. Thank you for adding this cultural gem into the fandom~ :heart:
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thank you! glad u loved it! it was quite tricky trying to come up with a cohesive story that worked with each prompt but i think i pulled it off. XD I'm very much into korean culture as well and i've been watching a lot of sageuk dramas lately so this is mostly an excuse to drawing hanbok outfits. 
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