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ZKWK15 - D6 - Integrity

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This year's personal overall theme is alternate avatar universe set in Joseon Dynasty Korea in the storytelling style of sageuks annnnddd.....honestly it's mostly an excuse to draw some zutara in hanbok outfits. heheheeeee~ 

Integrity, being sincere, coming together in unity, undivided. 

ZK sageuk story:

Katara continued living on as a nobleman's daughter. Although she wasn't married, she wore her hair in a chignon with Zuko's binyeo right through it. Her father Prime Minister Hakoda tried persuading her to marry someone else, but Katara refused every single time, only wishing for Zuko's return. Years passed and finally, after redeeming himself, and wearing his facial scar proudly, Zuko returned, promising to never leave again. 
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yes yes yes I love it
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SOOO ADORABLE!!! :happybounce: I am a dummy! Love Meow :3 La la la la CURSE YOU! :squee: :eager: by darkmoon3636 Dance! OMG MOAR POEMS! Boogie! 
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Katara is wearing red instead of her usual blue and Zuko is wearing all blue. Symbolism maybe?? :D
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oooo u saw through my plans!
loll yup they switched during their time apart because they missed each other. 
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That's so sweet! Love your art for Zutara week! It's so lovely seeing them in traditional Korean clothes :]
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Glad u do! It was fun drawing different hanbok outfits. 
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I know ATLA featured a lot of Earth Kingdom people in hanbok (which was awesome and beautiful) but I think it would've been amazing to see Katara in one too because you make her look REALLY good on them :]

The little details you add are like little easter eggs too, like incorporating the Water Tribe symbol in accessories!
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Yes Korea isn't featured much in the series (ironic cuz Koreans animated the 3rd season and most of Korra) and its mostly because i like hanboks. Simple and beautiful. 

Thank you for noticing! Those details aren't 100% accurate to real hanbok (women mostly had flowers on theirs) but i still needed to link them back to the Avatar world. 
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Even if they're not super accurate they're still stunningly beautiful and you did a great job! <3
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thanks! i'll save the accuracy for some other project. ^_^
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Beautiful simply beautiful
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